A Wonderfully Wasted Life

Cast Number: 9

Run-time:90 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

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In this folksy drama a pastor reflects on twenty years in the same church, lamenting that he hadn't been able to do "bigger things". A sequel to the (Jimmy Stewart) movie "A Wonderful Life", some comedy, but a really strong message about how God uses us exactly where we are, doing exactly what we do.
Parkside Baptist Church in Dennison, TX had wonderful success with this drama as a dinner theatre, highly recommended.
Also Kim Potruff of Audience Of One Theatre, Guelph Ontario performed this drama as their first offering, very successful!
One of our most popular scripts.

Set: The main set is a church office, (with two desks, phones, usual office materials), remains the same in every scene, but slight changes reflect the passing years.
Scene V is a dark, plain, bare set. This set could be at side of main stage or could be behind scrim

Props: book, box of papers, knives, gun, Lyla’s glasses

Costumes: reflect the time frame of the scene, mainly leisure clothing
Street kids clothing for Scene V

Jed (Jedidiah) Crawford – a Jimmy Stewart type person
Lyla Morris – church secretary
Annie (nee Cooper) Crawford – Jed’s wife
Ronnie Crawford – son 15
Stacey Crawford – daughter 13
Bobby Crawford – son 6
Peter Crawford – Jed’s brother
Frank Anderson – board chairman, likely middle age +
Bessie Miller – older woman

Special Casting Considerations:
Jed, Lyla, Annie and Peter appear as characters twenty years ago and also present time. This script has been written in such a way as to allow the same actors to play in both time-frames, or you may choose to have different actors play the roles, (i.e., young Jed and old Jed). There is some benefit to using different actors as the lines for the two main actors are substantial There is time between scenes for a quick costume change if the same actors are used. We suggest getting Jimmy Stewart type speech and delivery down as much as possible
Song: Thank You For Giving To the Lord

Sample of script:

Scene I

scene opens as Jed is alone on stage in his office, the phone rings several times, Jed looks around

Jed: Lyla, you gonna pick up that phone? Lyla, you there? Look I am too busy right now to answer the . . oh for Pete’s sake . .
frustrated, picks up phone
Jed, in monotone: You have reached Elm Street Community Church, on Main Street here in Paynes Landing. Pastor Jedidiah Crawford, he’s the pastor here, sorry we can’t be here to answer your call personally right now but if you feel like you can leave your name, phone number and a brief message, why we will be just thrilled to . . . . . .
(pause, listens)
Oh, hey Roger.
(pause, nods head)
Yeh, well, seems like Lyla, she is off doin’ somethin’, doin’ her thing, not sure what, anyhow, so what’s happenin’ with the Chairman of the Board of Deacons so early this mornin’?
(pauses, listens)
Yeh, guess you could say that was some board meetin’ last night.
(pauses, listens)
No, no apologies, everyone said what’s on their mind, which is good, nothin’ personal taken.
(pauses, listens)
Look, I been pastor here at Elm Street Community Church for, goin’ on eighteen years, fella develops thick skin, seems like. Those kinda comments slide offa you like water offa duck’s back seems like.
(pauses, listens)
Hey, young Jimmy Anderson, he’s new to the board, young Jimmy’s . . . well, he’s . . young is what. He’ll do OK. Any son of old Frank Anderson, why he’s bound to do OK!. Tell ya what, after the rough edges wear off seems like young Jimmy’s gonna do fine, just fine, like I say.
(pauses, listens)
Tell ya what now, young Jimmy, he’s got a right to his opinion. Fact is, I been thinkin’ maybe this is the time for me to move along, look for a new church. I mean my oldest, Ronnie, he’s goin’ into high school this year, maybe time I made a move while the family are still young.
(pauses, listens)
Hey, listen Roger, Elm Street Church, it did just fine for a gazillion years before this here Pastor Jedidiah Crawford came along. Can take it to the bank this here church will stand just fine after ol’ Pastor Jedidiah Crawford is gone on down the road, that I guarantee!
(pauses, listens, during which time Lyla comes on stage, sits at desk)
Hey, that’s real kind for you to say, but . . . hey listen, someone just walked in the office here Roger, I gotta go, Lyla, she’s still no where to be found, no idea where that woman’s at, hard to find good help nowadays seems like.
(pauses, listens)
Yeh, yeh, fine Roger, we will do that, we’ll sit down real soon, have a real chin wag over all these things, you bet, real soon is what . .
(pauses, listens)
You got my word, Roger, no rash moves here til we talk, you got it. . gotta . . gotta .. sorry, Roger, guy here is prancin’ one foot to the other, waitin’ to talk to me. . . Byyyyeee now .. Bye . . . Yeh, you bet, Roger, bye.

Jed hangs up phone, looks sheepishly at Lyla

Lyla: And just who is this . . .(points at herself) . . . guy . . who wants to talk to the pastor?

Jed: Sorry ‘bout that Lyla, you know how that Roger Martens likes to go on and on, tougher to shake than a bur on a pigs belly. I had to think of some way to get off of the phone, you were just there, seemed like. Sorry ‘bout that, no harm meant Lyla.

Lyla: Yes, I was just there, just like I have been just here for going on twenty years . .

Jed: Eighteen, it’s been eighteen years.

Lyla: Like I said, twenty years next month.

Jed: Twenty? You sure it’s been twenty years?

Lyla lowers her glasses on her nose, looks at Jed over top of glasses

Lyla: You, Jedidiah Crawford, guy can’t remember where he left his Bible, you are asking Lyla Morris if she is sure how many years it’s been since you came in here, spindly leg little kid, just two years out of high school?

Jed: Man! Who’da guessed it’s been twenty years, well, who other than Lyla Morris, walkin’ memory bank, that is. You know, that bein’ the case, more than ever makes sense I move along.

Lyla: Is this another, (mocks Jed’s style of speech and delivery), “Jedidiah Crawford tenderin’ his resignation, seems like” event?

Jed: What in tarnation are you blabbin’ about woman? “Another”?

Lyla: This is a milestone, marks the one hundredth time in the last twenty years you have decided to resign as pastor of Elm Street Community Church.

Jed: Oh there ya go, exaggeratin’ again, why it’s not been . . .

Lyla, lowers glasses, looks over top, challenging: Like I said . . . one hundredth time! I got each one recorded in a little black book in my file. Strange you know, other women would make more interesting use of a little black book. (takes on style of Jed) Guess maybe it’s time ol’ Lyla Morris, church secretary these thirty-five years, oughta just be moseyin’ on, move on to pasture, seems like.

Jed: As if Elm Creek Community Church gonna stand if Miz Everthing-at-the-church Morris isn’t here!

Lyla: Like someone I once knew once said, (in Jed style), “Elm Street Church, it did just fine for a gazillion years before Lyla Morris came along. Can take it to the bank this here church will stand just fine after ol’ Lyla Morris is gone on down the road, that I guarantee!”

Jed: Why you cantankerous ol’ biddy, you was listenin’ outside the door, wasn’t you?

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