Cast Number: 1

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 12

Categories: Children
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Abraham tells of how we must be devoted to the will and work of God.The first part of the drama is spent with the children during the church service, then they procede to their S.S. class and continue with the lesson.

Sample of script:

Prior to Abraham entering the sanctuary, the pastor invites the children to come to the front of the church. The cue for the actor to enter are the pastor's words, "very special person".
Pastor says: This morning in church we are going to be learning about a person in the Bible who served God. And you know what? You are going to learn about that very same person! We have a very special person coming to talk to you in Children's Church this morning.
Abraham enters sanctuary from side door: Good morning! My name is Abraham. Looking around I see that many of you are here with your families. That's nice. You see I too had children and was a proud and devoted parent too. Do you know what devoted means? . . . . . .
Devoted is how your parents feel about you. They consider each of you to be so special that they would do just about anything to see that you were well looked after. In Sunday School this morning we are going to talk about families and how everyone in the family should be devoted to each other. But you know we need to be devoted to God as well. Now let's go to your Sunday School room where we can get to know each other better.
Before we go though, let's pray. "Dear God, I thank you for these children and for their interest in learning about You. Bless these children and their families. We pray in Your name. Amen."
Abraham takes the hand of a couple of the smallest children and leads them all down the aisle and out the back doors of the sanctuary.
Abraham reads: I'm very happy to be with you children this morning. Children have always been very special to me. Many, many years ago I and my wife Sarah dreamed of having a son. Many times we both prayed to God for a son but now we were getting old and it hurt to think that we would never get the opportunity to be parents.
One day Sarah and I were relaxing in the shade from the desert sun. In the distance I saw some men coming toward our camp. I asked my wife that she prepare some food, after all it wasn't often that guests dropped in on us and I wanted to treat them properly.
The travellers sat down with me and started telling me some news which I found hard to believe! They said . . . .that they could promise us that Sarah and I would have a son! Even more that we would have many, many children and grandchildren, that our family would be so large as to be "like the number of stars in the sky"!
I could hardly believe my ears. Sarah, who was listening as she prepared the meal, laughed out loud. "Of course this couldn't happen", she said, "don't you realize how old we are?" It turned out that these were no ordinary travellers, these were angels.
God had sent the angels to us to give us the good news. We wanted to believe the news, and we did, even though it seemed so impossible! When the angels left we were so excited! We were going to have our very own son!
And we waited and waited and waited. But it just never happened. Time went by and Sarah and I got older and older.

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