Absaloms Rebellion Against David

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: 2.Samuel 15-18

Categories: Bible Characters, Children, Monologue
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God longs for his people to be loving and kind to others. This is a story about Absalom and his greed and deceit to overthrow his father, King David, and become the king of Israel. Absalom wouldn’t stop at anything to obtain his selfish desires. Absalom rebels and is defeated.A self-centered attitude hurts God and others.
Self-Centeredness, Greed

Sample of script:

Shalom, boys and girls! My name is Asherah (ash-ah-ra). I was invited here this morning to share with you a story about an ancestor of mine who lived many, many years ago. His name was Absalom.
Now, Absalom was the second son of David, King of all Israel. The King loved his son very much. Why, he was the apple of his father’s eye! He was tall and very handsome; he had long, thick, flowing hair. The people in the palace thought there was NO prince on earth as wonderful as Absalom!
But, you see, the people could not see into his heart… He was really a very selfish and greedy prince. In fact, his greatest desire in life was to take his father’s place as King. And, to tell you the truth, he was just waiting for his father to die. Day after day, Absalom thought of how he could be rid of his father. C an you believe it -- a son wanting his own father DEAD!
Oh, but Absalom put up a good front for the people of Jerusalem. Every day he would stand outside the palace gate and talk with the people who came to see the King to ask him to settle a dispute they may have with someone. Why, that sly Absalom would say to them, “It’s too bad my father didn’t give you a square deal. When I become king, I’ll see that you get what you have coming to you. I’ll give you a fair deal.” And Absalom turned the hearts of many of the people against the King.
As the years went by, Absalom grew more and more impatient. Finally, one day, he went to his father and asked if he could go to Hebron and worship God there. Hebron was about 20 miles from Jerusalem. In fact, David had ruled his people from Hebron for seven years before moving his capitol to Jerusalem.
Now, you must understand, King David loved God and wanted his son to love God as he did. So, of course, when Absalom asked to go to Hebron to worship God, the King told him to go: “Go in peace.”
Well, all that talk about going to Hebron to worship God was just a big fat lie! Absalom sent secret messengers throughout all the tribes of Israel saying,
“Absalom is King at Hebron.” Many people followed Absalom and he formed an army to go to Jerusalem with him and overtake his father and his army. But, what Absalom did not know, was that someone went to King David and told him of his plan!
King David’s heart must have been broken to think his son --- his beloved Absalom --- would do such a thing. But, the King knew that he and his servants would be murdered if they did not flee. Well, over beyond the Jordan River many of David’s faithful followers came to him. Among his followers were many men who were trained and experienced soldiers. And they were not afraid to fight for their King! But, King David gave very clear instructions that no harm was to be done to his son, Absalom! They were to be kind and compassionate to him.
Well, Absalom and his army were quite the picture—Absalom riding atop his white horse with his long hair flowing behind him. But, all of a sudden, King David’s army came into view and Absalom and his men panicked and began to run for their lives! (I’m sure Absalom was probably leading the pack!)

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