Advent Faith

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: John 20:29

Categories: Advent, Christmas
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Drama, useful at any time of year, illustrates the faith of things unseen, such as the faith of the Advent season.
Two actors are on their way for a wonderful day in the mountains. One sees the beautiful view, the other sees the rocks “which could come tumbling down any minute!”
Props: two chairs, bag of food, water bottle, flashlight, map
actors sitting on chairs, miming driving in a car
Pat: All right! Here we go then, off to the mountains!
Tim: Yeh, man, this will be great! Do we have everything we need?
Pat: Everything! Here’s our food, I got money out of the bank, we have a big jug of fresh water, flashlights, tent, sleeping bags, here’s my map.
Tim: Map? Let me see that.
Pat: Wow, look at those beautiful mountains! See, way up there?
Tim: All I see is that sign, “Beware Of Falling Rocks”! Yikes, see those rocks up there, just ready to roll down on us!
Pat: “Ready to roll down on us”, what do you mean?
Tim: Look, if there wasn’t a danger of the rocks falling, they wouldn’t have put the sign up! Of course the rocks are ready to roll down on us!
Pat: Well, I mean, sure there’s a chance of the rocks falling down . .
Tim: See! Even you admit it! The rocks are going to fall on us! We will be killed! Oh, why did we ever come to the mountains?

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