Ageless Peer Pressure

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:30 min.

Bible Reference: 1Corinthians 10:13

Categories: Comedy, Family
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Three scene drama on peer pressure, showing how peer pressure is a reality regardless of what age we are.

Cast: very flexible, there are five or more actors in each scene, and these may all be different actors or the same actors may be used in each scene, simply changing some basic costuming, makeup and dialect
Can be any age and either male of female If changing from male to female, or vice versa, on any role, rename the roles so that it is a play on words, (Bobbie, Bob, Robert, etc.)

Costumes: use to identify age of the character, i. e. , children’s clothing in Scene 1

Sample of script:

Scene 1

Billie: Hi Bobbie, wanna play?

Bobbie: Sure Billie, what you wanna play?

Billie: I like playing Hide and Seek.

Bobbie: Good, you be it first, OK?

Billie: Sure, you go hide, I will count to twenty.

Bobbie: OK, here I go, no peeking!

Billie, closes eyes, starts to count: One, two, three . . .

group of children come on stage

Lizabet: Hey, what are you two doing?

Billie: Hi Lizabet. We are playing Hide and Seek, wanna play?

Lizabet, amazed: Hide and Seek? That’s a sissy game!

Tommy: Sissy, sissy Billie! Sissy, sissy Bobbie!

Judy: Yeh you guys, did your mommies tell you not to get dirty? Get your cute little baby clothes dirty. Oh boo-hoo!

Bobbie: That’s not nice to tease, not fair!

Lizabet: Shame, shame on baby Bobbie, shame, shame on Billie!

Tommy: Why not try big kids game?

Bobbie: What kind of big kids game Tommy?

Tommy, leans over, mimes picking up something: Here’s a stone, go throw it at that old stray cat.

Bobbie: No way, Tommy Edwards, no way I am gonna hurt a poor little kitten.

Lizabet: Little baby Bobbie, won’t throw a stone at dumb old stray cat. Bobbie is a baby! Bobby is a baby!

Bobbie: Am not Lizabet Arnold!

Lizabet: Are too!

Bobbie: Am not!

Lizabet: Are too!

Bobbie: Am not, now you stop that!

Tommy: So, if you’re not a baby then why wouldn’t you throw a stone at that old stray cat, after all, everyone hates that cat, always digging in flower gardens. I remember your mom screaming at that dumb old cat just yesterday.

Bobbie: So, but that’s no reason to throw a stone at it, maybe hurt it.

Judy: So Bobbie and Billie can only play sissy games, Hide and Seek, won’t try any big kid games.

Billie: I play big kid games Judy McDonald! Lots of times I do!

Judy: Oh sure, as if, Billie!

Billie: Do too!

Judy: Baby Billie!

Billie: Give me that stone, I will show you!

Judy: Throwing stones at dumb old cats is for babies! Do you really want to play a big kid game Billie?

Billie, apprehensive: Yeh, likely, maybe, depends.

Judy, mocking: “Yeh, likely, maybe depends.” Some big kid you are!

Billie: OK Judy, what game you want to play? Maybe you are the sissy!

Judy, thinking: I know, let’s do something real big kid game! See on the street, there’s a police car coming down the block. Prove you are a big kid Billie, go run out in front of that police car, bet you won’t little baby!

Lizabet: Hey wait Judy! That could be dangerous, someone could get hurt!

Judy: Oh, really, Lizabet! Are you telling me that you are scared of running out in front of the police car? Here I thought you were a big kid, Lizabet!

Lizabet: I am a big kid, Judy McDonald! And I would do it just like that! But Billie isn’t fast like me, that’s all I mean!

Billie: So Lizabet is scared huh?

Lizabet: Am not scared!

Billie: Are too!

Billie: Am not, besides this game is for you to prove you are a big kid!

Tommy: Sounds to me like both Billie and Lizabet are scared to play big kid games!

Billie and Lizabet: Am not!

Tommy: Then what say both of you run out in front of that police car, prove you’re not scared little kids!

Bobbie: Don’t be silly, Tommy! They will get hurt!

Tommy, to Billie and Lizabet: OK, you two, are you gonna prove that you aren’t little kids like Bobbie or what?

Billie: Here Lizabet, hold my hand, let’s go!

Lizabet: One, two, three, let’s go!

Billie and Lizabet take a step downstage, as lights off, in the darkness
Bobbie speaks

Bobbie: Nooooooo! Don’t do it! You are going to get . . . .

scene over

Scene 2

Bill: Hey Bob, what’s happenin’?

Bob: Hey Bill, just hangin’ out, watchin’ what’s comin’ down.

Bill: Bad boring day huh?

Bob: Well, actually I thought I would go over to the church, they are having a couple of Christian bands jammin’ today.

Bill: Sounds cool.

Bob: Why don’t you come with me Bill, have a blast.

Bill: Sounds cool, let’s scoot!

group of youth come on stage

Liz: Hey, what are you two dudes doing?

Bill: Hi Liz. We are goin’ to church, listen to a couple of cool Christian bands, wanna come?

Liz, amazed: At the church? And Christian bands? That’s way much un-cool!

Tom: Un-cool Bill! Un-cool Bob!

Jude: Yeh you guys, did mommy and daddy tell you not to listen to real music? Might get your Sunday School clothes all wrinkled. Oh boo-hoo!

Bob: Knock it off, Jude!

Liz: Really some day we must expose little Bob, to some Smash Mouth Martin music!

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