Aliens Live at Church Series

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:12 min.

Bible Reference: 1.Peter 1:13-3:8

Categories: Children, Series Skits, Sermon Starter
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This is a 3 part series from 1 Peter on, "How Shall We Live?"
This Sketch 1 is on Holiness or Holy Living (1 Peter 1:13-15)
Sketch 2 notes that we are aliens - not of this world - our citizenship is different (1 Peter 2:9-12)
Sketch 3 is on respectful living - respect in relationships (1 Peter 2:13-3:8)
An alien from outer space has come to earth and is learning about the very strange earthly culture here.
Sketches, (each 4 minutes), can be used individually or in a series.

Cast: 2 (could be male or female)

Sound: Alvin’s voice should be high, squeaky
sound of “whooshing’ space craft
sound of praise and worship music

Costumes: Alvin the alien should be dressed up as space dweller, Allan regular clothing

Time: 4 minutes each segment, total 12 minutes

Sample of script:

Sketch 1: Be holy

There is a loud “whooshing” noise offstage
Alvin and Allan come on stage from opposite sides, backing on stage, looking around carefully, bump into each other, react with fear

Allan: Who . . who . . are . . you?

Alvin: Be kind, I am a visitor here!

Allan: You sure dress different . . are you from Atlanta (or some town in the area)?

Alvin: Atlanta? . . Where’s that? I am from Flinder-gleegen-regan.

Allan: Just as I suspected . . outta state.

Alvin: No state, I am from the royal monarchy of Flinder-gleegen-regan.

Allan: I see, Europe.

Alvin: What’s this, Europe?

Allan: Across the ocean, thousands of miles away.

Alvin, annoyed: I am from the planet of Flinder-gleegen-regan, three billion light years away.

Allan, wide-eyed: You mean . . (points upward) . . . .

Alvin: Take a left at Saturn, sharp right at Neptune, cruise on in to Flinder-gleegen-regan.

Allan: You mean there’s life out there?

Alvin: Oh my yes, you must drop by and visit some day.

Allan: What made you decide to come to earth?

Alvin: Our listening devices on Flinder-gleegen-regan picked up these strange sounds coming from this building.

Allan: Oh that would likely be our Worship Pastor, Pastor Tom and his music.

Alvin: A strange but not entirely unpleasant beat. . . What do you do in this building?

Allan: It is our church.

Alvin: Church? . . What is church?

Allan: It is where we come to praise God and learn more about him.

Alvin: And God would be?

Allan: God created everything, heaven and earth and skies and all that exists.

Alvin: You are telling me that this God created everything?

Allan: Everything.

Alvin: So you are saying this God created Flinder-gleegen-regan?

Allan: Well, fact is I never heard of Flinder-gleegen-regan until now, but if it’s out there then obviously God created it.

Alvin: Wow! . . Just wait ‘til King Woonga hears about this!

Allan: King Woonga?

Alvin: Our illustrious leader on Flinder-gleegen-regan. . . I want you to tell King Woonga all about this God of yours. King Woonga, he has been real puzzled over who created the universe.

Allan: And this . . King Woonga . . is coming here to Streetsville?

Alvin: Sure is, his space ship is due here in, (looks at watch), . . seven hundred years.

Allan: Seven hundred years! . . Well none of us will be here by then.

Alvin: You plan on going somewhere soon?

Allan: Seven hundred years is many generations.

Alvin: Many generations? . . (checks watch again) . . . Just six hundred and eighty-three years now.

Allan: My guess is your years and ours are not the same.

Alvin: Seven hundred years is like forty sleeps. . . But tell me more about this God of yours.

Allan: Well God is holy.

Alvin: And holy is . . ?

Allan: Well, kinda hard to describe, but . . . perfect, worthy of honour and without sin. . .

Alvin: Sin?

Allan: Doing wrong things.

Alvin: So you and this God of yours never do wrong things?

Allan: Well God is perfect, but we are human, and unfortunately we do sin. . . But because we have chosen to follow God and his son Jesus, we are called to be holy.

Alvin: God has a son?

Allan: Yes, God’s son Jesus came to earth to die for our sins, and so we who have chosen to follow him can be holy through Jesus.

Alvin: Wow, so everyone on earth has chosen to follow Jesus and so all you guys are holy huh?

Allan: Unfortunately no. Not all have chosen to follow Jesus.

Alvin: And the reason for that would be. . .?

Allan: Pride. . . self-centeredness . . . rebellion . .

Alvin: We’ve got lots of that in Flinder-gleegen-regan too. . . But no one has told us about God and his son Jesus. . . Maybe you can come to Flinder-gleegen-regan and tell us about God?

Allan: Well we do have a very active missions and outreach ministry here at Grace Fellowship. . . We can check with Pastor Jean . . .

Alvin: And Pastor Jean would be . . .?

Allan: Pastor Jean is Associate Pastor for Missions and Outreach here at Grace Fellowship, and she is simply on fire to bring people to the Lord.

Alvin: Well I do know King Woonga will want to take Pastor Jean back to Flinder-gleegen-regan in his personal space ship.

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