All Nature Rejoiced

Cast Number: 20

Run-time:30 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

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Theme:       An easily staged children’s Christmas program tells the story of the birth of Jesus. Animals and birds, (played by younger children), speak of what they saw and how they served. Older children play the parts of angels (Michael and Gabriel), Mary, Joseph, shepherds and Wise Men. NOTE the second angel, (Michael), is added in order that speaking lines, (memorization), can be shared.


Bible Reference:      Luke 2


Cast:         20 or more
Angel Gabriel
Angel Michael
Shepherds (any number)
Kings (any number)
Animals (donkey, sheep, cow, goat, dog, cat, camel, turtle)
Birds (dove, robin, owl)
Little Drummer Boy (child with some singing ability)
(add as many non-speaking actors, (angels, shepherds, animals) as available)


Set:          a blank set is fine but can be dressed up as much as desired, little manger DS


Sound:       teacher holds mic for the younger children, others amplification as available


Costumes:    Animals and birds may wear small items or identifying images, costumes basic or elaborate as desired
Angels, wise men, Mary and Joseph in traditional attire
Little Drummer Boy is dressed appropriately


Props:        little drum, electronic candles for all


Song:        Away In A Manger (between Part I and II)
Little Drummer Boy (between Part II and III)
Silent Night (at the end)
(or other song(s) as desired)


Special Instructions:  
The three Parts in the program flow immediately into the next, no stops
Animals and birds are in an acting location on one side of the stage, the nativity scene at the other side
Little Drummer Boy sits among Animals/Birds but has no part until his song, when he will gently tap the drum and move to nativity scene, others sing along
After Scene III, (before Silent Night), electronic candles on, house lights down


Time:        30 (with music)


Sample of script:

Part I


Turtle comes onstage where other animals and birds are milling around, excited


Turtle, puffing:
What is happening here? . . . . I heard the excitement and I came as fast as I could!


Donkey:     Oh Turtle, you are slow getting here again! . .  Most of the excitement is over. Hee-hawwww!


Sheep:       Don’t baaaa eeee, (be), cruel Donkey, Turtle came as fast as he could.


Dog:        Woofff, that’s right Donkey, all of us animals came as fast as we could and did our part to be here for the new baby and his parents.


Cow:        I was mooooost, (most), proud of you Dog, protecting at the door so no one would come in to hurt the baby.


Turtle, puffing:
Tell me please, who is the baby?


Goat:        I know, I know Turtle, it is the baaaaa-aby, (baby), Jesus.


Robin:       OK Goat, but who are the baby’s parents? . . . Chirp chirp!


Cat:         I know that Robin, it’s the big humans over by the meeeooowww-anger, (manger).


Camel, stomps foot:  
Well Cat, between you and me, I overheard the owner of this barn say that the mother is Mary and the father is Joseph.


Owl:        Really Camel, that is strange. Hoooo-w, (how), could Joseph be the father? I heard the angels say that this baby was the son of God!


Dove:       Strange indeed Owl! . . . How coooooo-uld that be?


Song:       Away In A Manger


Part II - Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, Michael, Shepherd(s), Kings


Gabriel:      I am the angel Gabriel.
I was on a special assignment, sent to earth from God.


Michael:     I am the angel Michael, and I went with Gabriel.


Gabriel:      God saw that the people he had created were not following his rules.
They needed someone special to show them how to live.

Michael:     Only God’s own son, Jesus, could do.


Gabriel:      So God sent me to the little town of Nazareth.
To a young girl, Mary.


Mary comes on stage, approached by Gabriel & Michael

Gabriel:      Mary, I have wonderful news for you, news from God.
Mary, God is very pleased with you, and has a very special duty for you.


Michael:     There is no reason to be afraid, . . for God is with you.
Here is the good news . ..  you will give birth to a son.


Mary:       How can that happen . . when I am not married?


Gabriel:      Mary, you will give birth to a son, call him Jesus.
He is the son of God Himself.


Michael:     He will be great and will save people from their life of sin.


Mary:       I am here to serve God’s purpose in my life.
Let it happen.


Joseph comes on stage


Joseph:      What is this news?
How can my Mary be pregnant?
What will people say?
I love her and will look after her, but I can’t marry her because of what she has done.

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