Amazing Birthdays

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: John 10:3

Categories: Comedy, Leadership, Monologue
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Theme:        A special pastor is having a special birthday and this tender comedy tells of how much the youth in the church appreciate and love him.
Adjust the age, years and other relevant details.
Bible Reference:     John 10:3


Cast:         1 youth


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:    standard


Time:       4




actor comes on stage, walking backwards, talking with unseen person offstage


Hey listen, I am so glad you told me about Pastor, I for a fact did not know that, no siree!

Hey, but see you around, for sure!


actor turns, comes on stage, shaking his head, shocked


Can you imagine? . . . Pastor’s he’s gonna have himself a birthday, how about that!

Hey, I mean, it’s not that Pastor is gonna have himself a birthday so much . . .  I mean like everyone goes and has themselves a birthday and all.

But no one I have ever heard of has themselves a birthday like Pastor he’s gonna have.

Way I figure, Rory, the dude I was chattin’ with out there a minute ago . . Rory he for sure must’a got his info all messed up! . . . You’re for sure not gonna believe what Rory told me.

Rory says . .


actor motions for the audience to come closer, whispers


Rory says . .  Pastor he’s gonna be . . .  69!


hushes the audience


Shhhhhh keep your voices down . . I mean, there’s for sure gotta be a mistake!

I mean, I knew Pastor was gettin’ up there  . . . but  . . 69 . . . Wowsers!

Oh I know there’s been some even older folks around, guys in the past . .  in the Bible.

I seem to recall back some time ago, Pastor he preached about this old guy lived way back in the Old Testament times. . . Methuselah I think was his name. . .  And I mean Methuselah he was like way old . .  72, maybe 73 as I recall.

So if memory serves about Methuselah, Pastor he’s gonna give old Methuselah a run for the record!

I gotta tell you . .  amazing is what our Pastor is. . . Us young people, we are more than blessed to have a Godly man like our Pastor . .  someone we can look up to . . . try to be like him.

I heard tell Pastor he’s been sharing the word of God for like  . .  I believe it’s been like 33 years now! . . And not just sharing God’s word . .  but sharing God’s word in a way that all of us can understand . . . even us younger guys!

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