An Angel Called His Name

Cast Number: 10

Run-time:40 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Christmas
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Looking back on losing a son at Christmas
A Christmas drama that takes a memory of a Christmas past and shows how a tragedy was turned into a victory for God's glory.

Stage is set up in two parts.
Left hand side of stage is a 90's scene. Typical living room with Christmas tree.
Stage right is set up in a 50's scene; a kitchen which shows the poverty of the family.
Scene three; a hospital scene kept simple with several chairs arranged when scene is needed.

Sample of script

Song: "Help Me God" Kathy Troccoli- Love & Mercy

Scene one opens with a 90's family room. Christmas tree lit with presents underneath. Family of mother, father, son, daughter and a grandmother. Children enter first running towards the tree and begin to grab presents and shaking them.

Sarah: Oh I can't wait to see what I got for Christmas.

Quintan: I bet anything this is the race track I've been asking for. It's so awesome.

Enters mother with grandma holding her arm.

Mother: Come on over here grandma, you'll be comfortable in this chair. Settles grandmother in chair and calls for husband Dan. Dan are you coming I don't think we can hold the kids back any longer.

Dan enters.

Dan (jokingly): Oh why don't we just do this tomorrow I'm too tired.

Kids: Oh dad!

Dan: Just kidding, alright everybody settled? Mom are you comfortable?

Grandma: Oh yes Dan, after that wonderful meal tonight I couldn't imagine needing another thing. Julie, you’re such a fine cook. Dan she's a real blessing you know. Not too many woman can cook as good as Julie can.

Dan: I know Mom I thank God everyday for her.

Julie sits on the armrest of Dan's chair.

Julie: You know I picked up a magazine the other day and saw an article about a tradition a family would do together before they opened presents.

Quintan, (tries to peek into his present): Oh mom let's make the tradition for AFTER opening presents. I can't wait any longer.

Julie: This tradition sounded really interesting and it wouldn't take very long. Each person would share a Christmas memory that especially impacted them.

Sarah: That sounds fun. Hey, I remember the time we found Quintan sleeping under the Christmas tree because he was afraid he would miss Christmas Day!

Quintan: I was only four years old then; give me a break.

Julie: No I don't mean to make fun of each other just something that would be special to you. Well I'll start. A very special Christmas memory for me was the year that Sarah was born. Sarah was born on December 20 and I came home from the hospital the day before Christmas. The next morning being Christmas morning your dad wrapped you up in your new blanket, put a bow on you and put you under the Christmas tree. Without either one of us saying anything we both looked at you and knew that you were the most special Christmas present God could have given us. A beautiful healthy baby girl.

Quintan: Well she's still healthy but I don't know about beautiful anymore.

Dan: Alright Quintan, now how about you. What do you think of when you think about a Christmas memory that was special to you?

Quintan: I'm just kidding Sarah. Um, I have to think. (Pauses to think). I guess the thing that I remember was the time I was in the hospital getting my tonsils taken out. It was right before Christmas holidays and all the kids in my class got together and bought me a gift and came and visited me in the hospital. The present was neat but I really thought it was special to have all of them come to the hospital to see me. You remember grandma? You were there.

Grandma: Oh yes, I remember. Who would forget 27 little 8 year olds in one hospital room.

Sarah: I'd sooner die then have my entire class see me in my pajamas!

Grandma appears reflective throughout these conversations.

Julie: Grandma, you look like this conversation is taking you back in time. What memory do you have to share with us.

Grandma: Well you’re right Julie, it does take me back in time. Quite a long time but it just seems like yesterday.

Sarah: How long ago grandma?

Grandma: Well do you and Quintan remember when Grandpa and I would talk about our little boy David?

Quintan: Sure Grandma, I'm named after him; Quintan David Sawyer.

Grandma: Yes that's right. Well this goes back when Grandpa and I were on the small farm. We were so poor back in those days. Grandpa and I had to move to the farm in Saskatchewan after his father, who would have been your great grandfather, had passed away. Your grandfather didn't want to go to the farm but in order to keep the farm in the family he decided to leave the city. How we struggled to make a living there. Your uncle David was 8 years old at the time. He was such a good boy and how he loved Christmas. He made Christmas such an exciting time even though there wasn't much to go around.

Lights fade on scene. Lights go up on the scene that grandma is remembering.
Small kitchen, very basic and depicting the poverty of the family.Two doors are needed one leading to outside the other to a bedroom. Small gangly tree is propped in the corner waiting to be decorated. Mother is straightening; David enters with hat,coat,mitts on, he's very excited.

David: Dad got the tree today! Mom can I decorate it right now?

Mom: How about your homework David, that needs to be done first and then there's your chores to do...Oh go ahead I know how much you want to see that tree decorated.

David: Thanks mom. (Runs to box and begins to decorate). I swear Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Joey says he's probably going to get a new bike for Christmas and Richard says he's going to get a sled.

Mom: David...we don't have a lot of money this year...

David: I know that mom, maybe next year...I was thinking that I could invite them to our Sunday School play since I will be a shepherd this year. That's a whole lot better than being the camel like last year.

Mom: Well I still thought you were the nicest looking camel I had ever seen.

David (thoughtfully) Do you think Dad will come to church with us this Christmas? I keep praying that he will want Jesus in his heart like you and me.

Mom: I know David, I pray every day and we'll just keep praying, because I know the Lord wants him in his family too. (gives David a hug). You feel a little warm, are you feeling alright?

David: I feel a little tired.

Mom: Well finish up that tree and get yourself tucked into bed; we don't want a sick shepherd.

David: Okay mom.

Lights fade and returns to scene one.

Quintan: Wow I couldn't imagine if mom and dad wouldn't have any money to buy any Christmas presents. That's like being in the third world countries.

Dad: There are actually a lot of families in this world that don't have enough money for their day to day food, much less any extra money for presents. We tend to get a little carried away with Christmas and forget about it's true meaning.

Sarah: Yeah Quin...So grandma what happened that Christmas that made it special? Did Grandpa surprise you all and come with you to church.

Quintan: Did David get a new bike just like Joey?

Grandma: Well David didn't ask for much. He understood that we couldn't afford alot, but this one particular Christmas he just seemed to have his heart set on this train set he had seen in the window at the store up town. It was a little wooden train set all painted up bright and shiny on a small little track. Grandpa and I would have loved to have bought it for him but it just cost so much and we just didn't have the money. So Grandpa decided that he was going to make one just like it out of wood for him.

Lights fade on scene one, lights go on to scene two.
Scene two: Lights low portraying evening. Mother is sitting at the kitchen table mending. Father pokes his head in the door.

John: Marie, is he in bed yet?

Marie: Yes he's sleeping, it's safe.

John brings from behind his back several pieces of wood. Several parts of the train are already finished. John begins to get at his project.

John: It sure is cold out there!

Marie: There's a fresh pot of coffee on, help yourself. John pours himself a coffee.David was so excited when he saw the tree.

John: Oh yeah it looks good. (noticing the tree is decorated and sits down to begin carving the train).

Marie: You’re coming along fine with the train, John.

John: I sure do hope I'll have it done in time for Christmas.

Marie: David will be so surprised when he sees this under the tree. Every time we bring the eggs into town he insists that we have to pass Murphy's Store so he can look at the train set. He doesn't say anything but the look on his face says it all.

John, (frustration begins to show as he speaks) I wish I could just walk into Murphy's and buy it for him. But the summer's dry spell sure took it's toll on the crops. Darn this farm anyways. I work my fingers to the bone on this place and what do I have to show for it. A lot of callouses and an empty bank account is all. I can't even buy my son a decent present.

Marie: I know John, we've been struggling with this farm for three years now but the Lord knows what we need. I really believe if the Lord wants us off this farm he'll show us a way out. We just have to trust Him on this one.

John: Trust the Lord, trust the Lord, that's all you ever say. Things still don't get any better. I see you readin' that Bible and prayin' and still things don't change. You'd think this God of yours could just lighten up and let us have a decent Christmas. I don't think He really cares about us.

Marie: John, you have no idea how much He does care for us all. Instead of looking at everything we don't have just look at what we do have. We manage every month to pay the bills so the bill collectors aren't knocking on our door. We have good friends and neighbours that we love. (pauses) And we have David.

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