Angelic Mission Impossible

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2:1-14

Categories: Christmas, Sermon Starter
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The angels are getting ready for Christmas . . the first Christmas that is, and the plan God has for a baby is . . simply never gonna work!

Cast: 2
Malaki - Angelic Gatekeeper
Gabrielle - Angel assigned a mission

Costumes: Characters are angels in “everyday” angelic dress. No halos or wings. Maybe white chemise or white sweat suit

Props: Need some sort of wings as a prop, can be small child wings. Malaki has a box, suitable for holding a halo.

Sample of script:

(GABRIELLE is sitting working on wings MALAKI enters.

MALAKI: Hi Gabrielle. What are you doing. I haven’t seen you in eons.
GABRIELLE: Don’t bother me now, Malaki. I have to have this done in three weeks. And I don’t even know what a week is!
MALAKI: I can help with that. We gatekeepers have to keep track of Earth time. It’s not very long. About 20 cycles or so.
GABRIELLE: 20 Cycles! I’ll never get this done. Not with Heavenly Choir practice twice a day, all new stuff, too.
MALAKI: So I guess you are getting ready for the Big Event. Everyone is.
GABRIELLE: Not only new music, but I’ve been moved out of the tambourine section. No tambourines for this trip, the director says. So I’m an alto. Do you know how hard it is to get 12 thousand altos to sing together?
MALAKI: So what are you working on?
GABRIELLE: Wings. Full dress with wings they said. I haven’t flown in 2,000 years.
MALAKI: Weren’t you on the mission that brought Elijah up here?
GABRIELLE: No. I was just a cherub.
MALAKI: But you still had to able to fly when the Boss said so.
GABRIELLE: Right. See these wings? I’ve grown a bit since then. (holds up wings)
MALAKI: I get your point.
GABRIELLE: What’s all the fuss about anyway? The Boss hasn’t bothered with Earth in hundreds of years.
MALAKI: I understand that is about to change. He is going to do something really new. You folks are going to announce it. Somehow we gatekeepers need to get the whole Heavenly Host down there at the same time. Quite a logistics problem.
GABRIELLE: So what new thing?
MALAKI: A baby.
GABRIELLE: A baby! That’s not new! They do that all the time down there.
MALAKI: This one is. The Word is that he’s going down Himself. He will be the baby.
MALAKI: Really. The idea is that the Law and the Prophets didn’t do the trick. So He’s going down to show them.
GABRIELLE: Show them what?
MALAKI: Show them how much He loves them of course.

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