Angels Visit Mary and Joseph reading

Cast Number: 16

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Christmas, Readings
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An easily staged reading about the angels who visited Mary and Joseph, easily adapted to more or less readers.

Cast: 16, adjustable

Lighting: preferably three follow spots

Sound: standing mics with music stands

Sample of script:

written for 16 readers, can easily be adjusted for more or less readershave as many standing mics and music stands as possible, practice speaking, but not looking, INTO the mic
NOTE: 6th reader (angel) needs to be an efficient reader as this is a larger part, 16th reader is male, 1st , 12th and 13th reader are female

1st reader: The birth of Jesus took place like this:

2nd reader: There was a young girl, a child really, living in Nazareth, a town in Galilee.

3rd reader: The girl’s name was Mary.

4th reader: Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph, the carpenter.

5th reader: One day an angel, Gabriel, visited Mary. . . The angel brought strange news.

6th reader: Good morning Mary! God is very pleased with the kind of person you are, both inside and out. And so God has a job for you to do.

7th reader: You can imagine how strange and kind of scary this message would be to a young girl.

8th reader: But Gabriel was kind and gentle, and he comforted Mary.

6th reader: Mary you have nothing to fear. God has worked out all the details. You will become pregnant with God’s own son, and you will call him Jesus.

9th reader: You can just imagine how this news rocked Mary’s world!

10th reader: But the angel soothed Mary’s nerves and showed her that God had everything under his control.

6th reader: The child that you give birth to is the Messiah that you have heard so much about. He is the leader that your people have prayed for. . . And just think Mary, you have the great honour to be his mother.

11th reader: Now, although Mary was still concerned, she felt a calm come over her.

12th reader: Me, Mary, being the mother of the Messiah, God’s own son! . . .

13th reader: Just think if this happened to you . . how would you react to this kind of news?

14th reader: After all Mary was just a young girl . . really not much older than me.

15th reader: Wow, that would be some kind of news, . . . hard to imagine really!

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