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The complete "DramaShare Method" in several well researched downloadable manuals for use in your ministry, with all of the necessary information which you will need to initiate or revitalize your dramatic arts ministry: from organizing a drama ministry, through training your actors, directors, writers and the entire team, right through to script selection, rehearsal programming, leadership and training. Our DramaTech Technical manual shows information on sound, lighting, sets, backdrops, props and more. We include an excellent manual for children's and youth camps. Also our "Team Devotions" collection, 29 devotions to use in your music, drama, or creative arts rehearsals or meetings.

The information in these manuals has been developed over the past 25 years during which DramaShare has worked in our own smaller church, and now is using in over 6,000 churches of all sizes in 74 countries around the world.