Annual Membership & Starter Package Manuals

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$80.00 (USD) / year


Annual Membership gives you full, free and unlimited access and use of all materials in all areas of our web site, including full length scripts, (currently there are 2,000+ scripts), and training materials which are available to DramaShare members.

The DramaShare Organizational Manual provides that essential strong grounding for your ministry, ensuring longevity and success, covering setting goals and objectives, building a leadership team, encouraging and receiving feedback and support from the congregation, job descriptions and organizational charts, finding and training people, finding or creating costumes, props and excitement.

The DramaClub Training Manual is used around the world for training actors, (characterization, memorization, stage movement, voice projection), directors ("painting a picture" on stage, obtaining assistance, blocking, staging), writers (Finding and training that person in your congregation to write scripts), and off-stage personnel (lighting, sound, costumers, makeup artists, promotional personnel).An excellent resource in ministries of all sizes
Both manuals are downloaded to your computer.