Annual Membership & Team Devotions Manual

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$80.00 (USD) for 1 year


Enjoy annual membership, plus start all creative arts functions off right with a well planned time of devotion.
Annual Membership to DramaShare Christian Drama Theatre Resources gives full, free and unlimited access to all 2,000+ scripts and other materials in all areas of our web site.
Membership also provides full and free access to the full, (and constantly growing), wealth of tutorials, (see the dropdown box at the "Technical Help" link on the top right side of our menu bar). So if your interest ranges from improv to children' sministry to mime or interpretive movement, or lighting, sound and set design, membership will likely give you what you are looking for, (or contact us and we will do everything in our power to find the right answer for you!Join with thousands of drama enthusiasts around the world, as we seek to serve the Lord, dramatically!

As a bonus, you receive our Team Devotions for Worship, Creative Arts and Drama Teams Manual
Make time in each rehearsal or meeting for devotion and studying God's word.
This collection features 28 devotions, written to serve the needs of Worship, Creative Arts and Drama teams.