Another Show

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 9:25

Categories: Monologue
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In this monologue a professional actor finds out what it means to have the whole world at her feet, but to be completely unhappy and unfulfilled.

Sample of xcript:

as drama begins the actor is supposedly off stage, therefore have actor stop at position at extreme right or left side of stage actor is checking makeup, miming looking in the mirror, adjusting clothing

At extreme left or right stage position: OK, another performance! You have no idea how much I hate this! Miss Perfect here, going out to charm my idiot fans! I guess if they are fool enough to throw big bucks my way, the least I can do is to take the cash! (mimes looking into mirror, frowns) The matte makeup isn’t covering up like it used to . . . . (laughs) Who am I kidding? It’s not the makeup . . . a coat of barn paint couldn’t cover up this aging! (angry) I am not getting old!

I can not get old! No one will come to see a washed up, has-been actor! Worse, a washed up never-was actor wannabe. (knocking, actor listens) All right already! I am coming! I must go! My adoring public awaits! (looks in “mirror”) Yeh right!

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