Are We There Yet?

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Run-time:2 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Christmas, Family, Mother, Women
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Moms experience the heavy feeling that can happen as each year another Christmas comes around.

Sample of script:

(comes out in bath robe and pj’s with cup of tea and sits down)(sips tea)

Where’s the tea bag? Oh well.Is it over yet? Please tell me it’s January. It’s not is it? If my brain is functioning correctly it’s Christmas Eve. UGH.Okay let’s see, packages are wrapped, food has been bought, I know what I am wearing for tonight.I hate to say it but I really don’t want to go to church tonight. I know it’s our family tradition and the kids actually look forward to it but I am just burned out. I just want to curl up and watch the Grinch and Charlie Brown and Rudolph and all the Christmas shows I grew up with, I don’t want to be mom and adult right now.(looks at nativity)

I can’t believe I am sitting here mumbling about not wanting to go to church and hoping Christmas is over. What is wrong with me. This is one of the most glorious miracles of all time and I am whining.

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