As A Mother You'll Understand

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Run-time:4 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Christmas, Family, Monologue, Mother, Mothers Day, Sermon Starter, Women
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Comparing a mother's role at Christmas to Mary's role The role of a mother today is to try and make everting perfect for our loved ones. Often we get so busy we forget what is really important. Christ's birth. Mary had no "traditions" to follow that first Christmas. Just faith and a love for God. Perhaps simple is better.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as actor enters the stage and moves to center stage. Spot comes up when actor is in place. Actor is obviously thinking to herself as light comes up. All speaking should be done to an imaginary audience member.

Actor, (thinking): Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg . . . what was that other one? Oh, I knew I would forget one of them! I can’t believe it! The family is going to go into shock if I don’t have our traditional spice cookies for Christmas! Where did I put that recipe? I think I loaned it to Joan, but I’m sure she’d give it back to me. As a mother, she understands how important these holiday traditions are! Think, think! What am I going to do?
Actor pauses and looks up to imaginary audience member.
Actor: Oh, hi! Yes, I’m rambling on to myself again! I think every mother goes through the same fifty lists in their heads, over and over. It is so important not to forget anything at Christmas, isn’t it? I mean the holiday just wouldn’t be the same, now would it? You know, as a mother, you understand.
I think I have everything else under control. I have the Christmas morning gifts wrapped in red and the Christmas Eve gifts wrapped in green, the chocolates are set out on the dining room table – without nuts, just like Tommy likes. And I remembered to use the poinsettia placemats that Joe’s aunt June made for his mom 4 years ago. Oh, yes, I also have all the doors equipped with jingle bells and mistletoe. Okay, dinner’s in the oven, salads are in the fridge, homemade pie is ready, cider is warming, music is playing – Bing Crosby as always, and candles on the mantle are lit. Okay, have I forgot anything?
Looks to imaginary person in the audience.
Actor: Organized? Well, you know what they say – Christmas usually all falls to the mother. It’s true – the shopping, the baking, the wrapping, the planning, the company, the cleaning – I could go on! As a mother, you understand.

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