Backyard Servant Series

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:75 min.

Bible Reference: Mark 12:29-31

Categories: Children, Series Skits
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5 short sketches on the theme of “Who, (and why), do we serve?”
This contains all 5 sketches, (they can also be ordered seperately).
This five part drama was written to compliment the Standard Publishing VBS program, “God’s Backyard”.
The individual themes for the five days are:
Serving Family (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Family)
Serving Friends (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Friends)
Serving Neighbours (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Neighbours)
Serving Community (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Community)
Serving Jesus (DramaShare Script: Backyard Servant – Serving Jesus)
Can be used for a VBS program or each script can be used as a self-standing drama. When used for VBS there is an opening drama and a short closing drama with an optional intro into, and back out of, the main VBS program. When used as a regular drama this optional portion would be omitted.
NOTE: DramaShare has no relationship with Standard Publishing and the Standard Publishing materials were not used in writing these scripts.

Cast: 4
male or female, any age

Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes: standard

Props: photo albums, rake, hoe, Bible

Time: 15 (for each sketch)

Sample of script: Sketch 1 – Serving Family

Willie and Woodie are sitting at a picnic table on stage looking at a photo album, Tracey and Lynn enter and stand upstage, leaning on rake and hoe, listening

Willie: Yeh and that’s Cousin Beatrice.

Woodie: Strange lookin’ gomer ain't she?

Willie: That was one gal that was ‘way behind the door when looks were handed out I tell ya!

Woodie: Who’s this here?

Willie: Mom’s Uncle Ned.

Woodie: Never did hear of him I don’t believe.

Willie: For a fact. Old Ned, he was kinda the black sheep of the family.

Willie and Woodie see Tracey and Lynn

Willie: Hey who are you guys?

Tracey: I’m Tracey, and this, (points to Lynn), is my partner Lynn.

Lynn: We are from the Backyard Service Company, we’re here to get your backyard all spruced up and special for your family!

Woodie: Wow, like you just come in and take care of everything in the backyard?
Tracey: For sure we do Woodie . . . . Cut the grass, trim the hedges, rake the leaves .. everything!

Willie: You mean, you do this kinda work, like . . on purpose?

Lynn: Backyard Service, at your service!

Tracey: That there is like our motto.

Willie: Wow, I sometimes do those things, like mowing and raking and such, but only if I can't, like, get outta it.

Lynn: Well, we should get to work; fix everything up here in your backyard.

Tracey: Hope we don’t make too much noise, wouldn’t want to disturb you if you are doing anything special.

Willie: Naw, we’re just lookin’ at these old family albums.

Woodie: Funny lookin’ gomers mostly.

Lynn: Pardon me for saying so but that’s like not a real nice thing to say about your family is it?

Willie: Not really family, see these are like uncles, cousins, that sorta thing.

Lynn: Well, uncles and cousins, they’re still family.

Woodie: Really? I always thought that family was like parents and brothers and sister, stuff like that.

Willie: Ya, and I am not so awful sure about Mary Ellen. Dad said that we had to be nice to Mary Ellen ‘cause she is our sister, but way I see it we could maybe hope to trade Mary Ellen for a package of bubble gum.

Tracey: That’s not a nice thing to say about your sister.

Woodie: Well don’t make rash statements like that until you see Mary Ellen.

Willie: Ya, and ‘specially if the deal is for Triple Bubble Bang bubble gum!