Basic Prayer Instruction 101

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: James 5:13-16

Categories: Everyday Productions, Prayer
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Teach me to pray Lord. What are the guidelines? What might happen if God were to answer that question "in real time"?

Sample of script:

Mary is sitting on a park bench, very unsettled, Tony and Billie come on stage

Tony: What’s happening, Mary? Just sitting here all alone?

Mary: Yeh, Tony, sitting here.

Billie: Mind if we join you?

Mary: It’s a free world Billie.

Billie: I noticed that. So why the long face, Mary?

Mary: Oh, it’s just a kind of long-face day I guess.

Tony: You are down in the dumps! Spill it, what’s buggin’ you?

Mary: It’s a personal thing.

Billie: Up to you, don’t want to intrude, but like the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem scared.

Mary: Well, it’s just that . . . (double take) . . What did you say? “A problem shared is a problem scared?”

Billie: Yup! A problem shared is a problem scared. Old saying, said by a lot of old people.

Tony: Anyway . . . so tell us about this problem Mary.

Mary: Well, it’s just that things aren’t going real good, seems I need help.

Tony: You know that Billie and me, we will help you any way we can.

Mary: Well, I appreciate that but actually, do you guys know much about praying?

Billie: Praying? As in . . .

Mary: As in praying. Talking to God.

Tony: Look, I can’t say I have done it a lot but, I mean, how tough can it be?

Billie: Exactly, I mean like, God is your friend and, well, I am your friend, so just talk to God the way you talk to me.

Mary: As if! I mean a guy can’t go just . . talk . . not to . . like, the Big Guy.

Tony: I say, go for it.

Mary: Well, I might just try it sometime.

Billie: Sometime?

Mary: Yep, maybe when I am alone, in my room, maybe then I will, like, try, talking to God.

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