Beatitudes Revisted

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:30 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 5:3-11

Categories: Monologue, Sermon Starter
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The Beatitudes. These 10 monologues, (each two to three minutes in length), are looked at through modern day stresses and situations. Each one comes to the conclusion that God is in control. Everything that is stated in the Beatitudes is very relevent today. THESE COULD BE USED AS VERY EFFECTIVE SERMON STARTERS. Monologue in ten parts, may use same or different actors, designed to be used as a series but can be used as a multi-scene single performance.

Sample of script:


I gotta tell you something, you will not believe!
I was reading this really far out little note the other day, like to blew my mind!
Talk about being upside down backwards!
Apparently it’s supposed to be some kind of code to live by!

Whoever dreamed up this thing obviously never struggled in his whole life, I want to tell you!
Don’t believe me?
OK, try this on for logic!
Want to be rich?
Lose everything you have.
Want to be a happy person?
Don’t have a cent to your name.
Want to own the whole world? Be a doormat for people to walk on.
Ever heard of anything so off key?

I mean, everyone knows that in this day and age you want something, you go get it. If you don’t, it’s gone. Only way to get ahead is to fight and scratch, make sure you are the fastest, smartest, best. Otherwise by the time you wake up it’s too late, someone has beat you to the prize.It’s strictly a case of faster, stronger, better, right?

Any other method to live by is just dreams, that’s all it is, only dreams. You can’t live by dreams, only logic. And this is not logical, no way!
You want happiness, fulfillment? Go grab it. Now!

You want to end up on top? Climb over everyone who is ahead of you.
Want to feel fulfilled? Be number one!
I mean, this note I found on how to live? Those kind of ideas will only fly in the movies!
Those words, they just disregard all logic!
I want to tell you something friend! You want the best? Hustle out and grab it!

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