Being a Son Seeker

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:35 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Children, Series Skits
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A five part, (likely five day), program about being a Son Seeker and living in God's will. Useful for VBS or outreach program.

Sample of script:

Day 1: Hope
Theme: There are a few characters who are on summer break and are bored. One of them receives a brochure in the mail for Son Seekers Island. It promises a place to full of fun and there is even a treasure hunt they can be a part of. They get really excited and sign up to go on this trip. They talk about how they hope it is fun, etc.


Thomas: He is a doubter. He wants proof before he will believe anything. He goes to this island to have fun, but is skeptical that they will really find any treasure there. His skeptical attitude comes from being hurt in the past.

Samantha She just wants to have fun. She really is the one who gets the group excited about this idea of a treasure on hunt on an island. She is always trying to look for the positive in every situation.

Josh He is excited to go on the trip, but is always pre occupied with other things. On this trip he happens to be pre occupied with food/eating. He just cannot focus on the goal of finding the treasure because he is worried about when and what they will eat.

Jessica She signs up to go on the trip because she is Sam's best friend and Sam has a way of getting everyone excited about anything. Jessica is an overall fun person, but she follows the crowd, She does not want to make any decisions on her own because she is worried about what others will think of her, She wants to be accepted and will do whatever she needs to find acceptance.

Props: brochure

Sample of script:

Thomas comes on stage, sighing, very bored, kicking at imaginary stone, big sigh, then assumes a very bored stance with elbows on stomach, chin supported in both hands

Jessica comes on stage, sees Thomas, excited comes toward him,

Thomas ignores her

Jessica: Hey there Thomas, old buddy! So how’s things with you old Thomasarini guy?

Jessica walks in front of Thomas, leaving enough room for audience to see what she is doing, stares into Thomas’ face, tries to open his eyelids, etc. Play this until audience gets a clear picture of what Jessica is trying to do and how Thomas is ignoring her.

Josh comes on stage, happy, dreamy look on his face

Jessica, to Josh: Hey Josh, any ideas what’s happening with Thomas here?

Josh, spoken to no one in particular: Triple banana split with gooey-good fudgey-wudgey chocolatey topping, peanuts, strawberries, whipping cream and a big ol’ maraschino cherry! Yum-yum!

Jessica, confused: You saying that Thomas is suffering from a banana split?

Josh: Thomas? Who said anything about Thomas? I don’t see Thomas anywhere around here. . . . (to Jessica) . . and who are you anyhow?

Jessica, frustrated: Earth to Josh! I am Jessica. I live next door to you is all.

Josh: You do? Since when?

Jessica: Uhmmmm, let’s see, since . . since forever is what!

Josh: Deep dish apple pie with bubble gum ice cream! Wowers!

Jessica: You are preoccupied again, aren’t you Josh Jenkins? Last week you were preoccupied with Darth Vader dolls! What is it this time?

Josh, dreamy: Lemon meringue pie!

Jessica: Oh brother! Josh Jenkins! You have gone out and got yourself preoccupied with food this time haven’t you? . . . Answer me!

Josh: I did no such thing, I simply . . that is to say . . . I am . . . (goes dreamy again) . . . pepperoni pizza with . . .

Jessica: Josh, snap out of it! We have to figure out what’s going on with Thomas here!

Josh, looks in Thomas’s face: Wow! He looks kinda .. . Thomasey, doesn’t he?

Jessica, looking in Thomas’ face: I wonder, did someone take over Thomas’ body, I mean, isn’t Thomas supposed to be living in there?

Thomas gives very loud sigh, hands hanging at his sides, slouching, staring into space

Josh: I think Thomas is coming back, not sure if permanent or just for a visit.

Jessica, shakes Thomas’ shoulder as if to wake him: Thomas! What’s going on?

Thomas, listless: Nothin’!

Josh: Nothin’?

Thomas: Nothin’!

Jessica: Thomas Wilson! What do you mean there is nothing going on? You are standing here like as if you are bored or something and . .

Thomas: Boring is exciting compared to this, fact is!

Jessica: I do not believe you! Might I remind you it is summer break?

Thomas: Yeh, right! Bummer break! Nothin’ to do!

Jessica: Why not go swimming?

Thomas: Did that yesterday.

Jessica: Hiking?

Thomas: Done!

Jessica: Canoeing?

Thomas: Done, done, done, done, done! Like I said, a bummer summer break!

Jessica, sad: Guess maybe you are right! Boooooooorrrrrriiinnnnnng!

Josh, dreamy: Caramel apple with a great big . . . .

Samantha, while quickly walking on stage, brochure in hand: Hey guys, this is incredibly awesome! Just wait ‘til you hear about Son Seekers Island! Just like a whole ton of things to do, even a treasure hunt!

Jessica, excited: Hi Samantha! What’s this about Son Seekers Island? Sounds really, well, exciting!

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