Best of Bel-Air

Cast Number: 18

Run-time:60 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: African-American scripts, Christmas Comedy
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It’s Christmas time at the Banks house in Bel-Air, California at the set of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and family is coming home for the holidays.
But Will’s aunts are in some transition as Aunt Helen is divorcing, Aunt Janice has had a baby and Will’s father’s sister Helena is getting married.
In the midst of all of this the wonderful story of God’s salvation brought to earth through the baby Jesus is told.

Cast: 18 (could be more or less)
Will Smith
Philip Banks
Vivian Banks (wife)
Carlton Banks (son)
Hilary Banks (daughter)
Ashley Banks (daughter)
Nicky Banks (son)
Geoffrey Barbara Butler (butler)
Jazz (Will’s friend)
Vy Smith (Will’s mother)
Helen (Will’s aunt)
Janice (Will’s aunt)
Frank (Janet’s husband)
Baby Will Smith (Janice and Franks son)
Helena (Will’s aunt)
Edgar (Helena’s fiancé)
Singer (could be one of the above)
2 goons (could be from the above)

Set: Banks house, quite lavishly decorated to show their lifestyle

Sound: music from the theme of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (can be found on the internet)
Carol “O Come Let Us Adore Him”

Props: suitcase, ticket, walkman, glass, bottle, duster, sunglasses, presents

Sample of script:

Opening Mime and Music

all actors except Will come on stage, mime chatting with each othermusic starts playing, actors try to ignore the music and can’t, gradually become annoyed
look around for the source, look at each other, shrug shoulders as they can’t figure out what this music is all about
actors chatter about the music and how annoying it is:

Geoffrey: I say that music is rather quite annoying.

Philip: Geoffrey, are you responsible for this music?

Geoffrey: Sir, do you see any music type instruments in my hands? . . Were it me in charge of this music there would be cellos, violas and beautiful classical music springing from the bowels of this mansion, not this . . canned . . noise, . . sir!

Will: Not sure who is responsible for the music here Uncle Phil, but whoever did for sure is a groovin’ cat!

Jazz: Right on Will Smith, a groovin’ cat for sure!

Singer comes on stage, moving to the beat, sings
all actors watch Singer, start moving slightly to the rhythm of the music
mime to the words as shown in each line

Singer: Now, this is the story all about how
(actors start to move around Singer)
Will Smith’s life got turned upside down
(actors react with shock and surprise)
And I'd like to take a minute
(actors think, look at each other, nod in agreement)
Just sit right there
(actors hunker down slightly to show sitting motion)
I’ll tell you how Will’s family celebrated Christmas in Bel-Air
(actors mime celebrating, embrace, etc.)

(Will wanders on stage from downstage position so that he can be seen in front of the other actors. Other actors will respond to Will’s actions with younger actors in awe of Will, older actors might wag their fingers at him, show anger)

In west Philadelphia born ‘n raised
(Will reacts to unseen people around him, shows emotions such as acting cool, defending himself in fight, running from attackers, etc.)
On the playground was where he spent most of his days
(continues as above)
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
(leaning back, smiling a contented smile)
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
(mimes bouncing basketball, shooting baskets)
When a couple of guys
(2 goon actors come on stage, stare defiantly at Will, walk back and forth)
Who were up to no good
Startin making trouble in his neighbourhood
He got in one little fight and his mom got scared
(2 goon actors mime fight with Will, Vy comes to Will’s defence, goons leave)
She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air'
(Vy has hand on Will’s shoulder points off stage)
He begged and pleaded with her day after day
(will pleads with Vy)
But she packed his suitcase and sent him on his way
(Vy hands suitcase to Will, points offstage)
She gave him a kiss and then she gave him his ticket.
(Vy kisses Will’s cheek, hands him a ticket)
He put his walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it'.
(Will puts on walkman, smiles)

First class, yo this is bad
(Will looks around, smiles contentedly)
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass.
(Geoffrey hands Will a glass and fills it from a bottle)
Is this what the people of Bel-Air living like?
(Will sips orange juice, smiles)
Hmmmmm this might be alright.
(Will nods, smiles happily)

Will: All this is music to my ears!

lights down for a short time, back up

Vivian comes on stage, fussing, cleaning up with duster, Geoffrey comes on stage

Geoffrey: Madame, whatever are you doing?

Vivian: Cleaning up, getting the house presentable for guests, Geoffrey. . . Where do I start?

Geoffrey: Madame has no reason to exert herself with ordinary menial household chores, Madame.

Vivian, hands Geoffrey the duster: Oh thank you Geoffrey, I really do appreciate it. I have just so much to do before they get here.

Geoffrey, disdainfully sets the duster down: We were thinking more in terms of hiring people to do the cleanup, Madame. We are sure there are an abundance of . . . cleaning up type people . . who would gain great personal satisfaction, not to mention some joy from prying a few paltry dollars from your husband’s clenched fingers for cleaning Madame’s house. . . . Begging Madame’s pardon, what company is Madame expecting?

Vivian: Oh I am so excited, I just heard from Helena, she is bringing her fiancé here for a visit.

Geoffrey, contempt: Helena is coming here, Madame? . . . And Helena actually has a . . . fiancé, Madame? . . . Are we sure this is . . Helena . . we are speaking of Madame?

Vivian: Yes she has a fiancé, and she sounded thoroughly excited about spending Christmas with us. . . . Oh my, what a Christmas this will be! Reminds me of the Christmas when we had President Reagan and Nancy as guests.

Will and Jazz come on stage

Will: Hey Aunt V, G. . . What’s comin’ down here?

Geoffrey, distasteful: Apparently Helena . . is coming down, Master Will, . . and for Christmas no less!

Will, big smile: Helena? . . Coming here? . . Man, she was some . . . . (looks at Vivian, tries to get serious) . . . some . . . boxer!

Jazz, remembers: Helena the boxer! . . . Some of the things that woman did . . . for . . . boxing that is! . . Wow, way cool man!

Vivian: What are you two talking about? . . . (to Will) . . . I’m not talking about Helena the boxer, she was nothing but a tramp!

Jazz: Awww Mrs. Banks! . . Take care in speaking of a legend!

Vivian: Legend indeed! . . . I am not talking about Helena the boxer! . . I am referring to your aunt Helena Smith, your father’s sister.

Will, angry: Since when would I care if Lou had a sister, and anyways he is not my father!

Vivian: Boy, no matter what you feel about your father, and no matter what he did to you, fact is Lou Smith was your father and he always will be.

Philip comes on stage, Will moves to Philip, puts his arm around Philip

Will: This here man here, he is my father.

Philip, confused: Whatttttt? . . Vivian, what is this all about?

Vivian: No Will, as you full well know, this here man is Phillip Banks. . . My husband and your uncle. That and nothing more.. . . And Lou Smith, with all his problems and faults, still is your father, and always will be.

Will: After what Lou done to me I am done with him as a father, Lou Smith ain’t nothin’ but a low-life snake. Like I said, Uncle Phil here he is my father from now on! Lou Smith he can go drop dead for all I care!

Philip: Will I am pleased that you think of me as a father, and I have come to think of you as a son . . but your Aunt Vivian is right. Lou Smith is your father. And it is time that you let that part of your life alone, and, difficult as it seems, you need to move on with life.

Will: You know what that snake done to me!

Phillip: Yes I know full well how Lou treated you, and if I ever get to see him face to face he and I are gonna have a strong chat!

Geoffrey: Careful of your blood pressure sir, you know that you have been adding on the pounds, (pats stomach), in the midfield.

Phillip, angry: I don’t need no cockamamie British-talkin’ black man to go and tell me that I am puttin’ on no weight ‘cause I ain’t so there. . . And what kinda name is Geoffrey Barbara Butler for a cockamamie butler anyways?

Vivian: Geoffrey is right dear, you do need to be careful of your heart, don’t go and get all steamed up over little things.

Phillip, more annoyed: “Little things”? . . . “Little things”? . . . This guy that can’t even speak good American and he said I been (phoney British accent) . . . “adding on the pounds in the midfield”! . . Now Vivian you know that’s not true, no way, no time! . . . It’s my pants been shrinking lately, pants likely made by some cockamamie British tailor is my guess!

Vivian: That’s fine dear, I bought you some new dress pants with a unique stretch panel, and they are made in Taiwan dear.

Carlton, Hilary, Ashley and Nicky come on stage

Hillary: What’s going on down here, all the shouting and screaming?

Geoffrey: Will’s Aunt Helena is bringing her fiancé here for Christmas Miss Hillary . . . (raises eyebrows and looks at Philip) . . . And someone who shall forever remain nameless claims to be the new, and somewhat over-exposed, poster boy for Jenny Craig!

Philip, to Vivian: That . . butler . . is driving me crazy this morning!

Geoffrey: We shall go and prepare breakfast, if you will excuse us Madame.

Geoffrey leaves stage, Philip glaring after him

Philip: Tell me again why we employed that man?

Vivian: Because he is the best butler in all of Bel-Air, . . . . (hugs Philip, kisses him on the cheek) . . and because you wanted to spoil your gorgeous wife.

Philip: All I am gonna say is he best not be making comments about me putting on weight . . . which I ain’t!

Carlton, to Will: Your aunt is coming here for Christmas?

Will: Someone related to Lou Smith is apparently expected here, don’t mean nothin’ to me, no time, no how!

Vivian, to Will: I have good news for you Will. . . . That’s not all who will be coming here for Christmas . .

Vivian stops, listens, goes to the window and looks out, smiles

Vivian: And looks like they are here now!

Vivian goes to the door, Helen, Vy and Janice come on stage, Janice is carrying baby
Will is overwhelmed seeing his mother (Vy)

Will: Momma! . . Now why didn’t you tell me you was comin’ here?

Vy, embraces Will: I didn’t tell you because I wanted to see that look on your face, pretty boy!

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