Black Friday

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Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Christmas, Family, Mother, Thanksgiving, Women
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Mom struggles through the shopping to find what is really important at Christmas, amid the buying, the giving and getting.

Sample of script:

(comes in with shopping bags)

I can’t believe I did this, what was I thinking.Doing the 5am shopping with my sister on Black Friday. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t host Thanksgiving every year. I was on a high because the day was going so well I just did not think when I said sure I’ll go shopping with you. And out so early for what, these few things.Every year I tell myself I am going to get my shopping done before Thanksgiving to avoid the crowds and the pushing and shoving and the “holiday cheer”. And every year here I am, Thanksgiving weekend and no shopping has happened. I guess because each year it gets harder and harder to figure out what to get people. And it normally is the mom’s job to do all the gift shopping. It was so much easier to buy gifts years ago.

When the kids were little it was so easy. I bought outfits I liked and wanted to see them in. And the toys were the ones I wanted to play with. Steve and I would just buy little trinkets for each other since we did not have much money and as they say Christmas is for the children, (at least that is what everyone says).

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