Blinded Faith

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Galatians 6:2

Categories: Family
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a short drama dealing with the question of suffering and faith, and the difficulty in seeing God’s presence in the midst of hardship.


            Keywords: suffering, faith, anger, prayer, support, hardship, pain, illness, counseling


Bible Reference:     Galatians 6:2


Cast:       Two adult males, ages 30-50:




Set:        A hospital waiting room: plastic chairs, small table, “Intensive Care” sign.


Special effects:      None


Props:      Bible for Mike, telephone & flowers (on small table)


Costumes:   Normal street clothes


Lighting:    Standard


Sound:      Standard


Special  instructions:

The play was written for a church that was starting a Stephen Ministry initiative, in order to introduce the congregation to the program, but it can be utilized to represent any church/ministry which provides Christian counseling.


Time:      7 minutes


Sample of script:


BEN sits in a chair, look of anxiety.  MIKE, carrying Bible, enters hurriedly, approaches Ben.


Mike:        Ben!


Ben:         Hey, Mike.  Thanks for coming.


Mike:        Are you kidding?  I left as soon as I got your message.  How's Kyle?


Ben:         Still in a coma.  Katy and her mom are in there with him.  They only allow two at a time.


Mike:        I don't understand.  He was doing so well.


Ben:         I know.  He was responding to the treatment, doctor even said he was in remission.  Then all of a sudden...


Mike, opening Bible

Here, let's say a prayer.  I found a passage in Luke that I think will--


Ben:         With all due respect, Mike, I'd rather not.


Mike, surprised:

Excuse me?


Ben:         I'd really rather not pray, if that's okay.  It doesn't seem to be doing any good, anyhow.


Mike:        Come on, Ben, you don't mean that.


Ben:         Don't I?  (gesturing offstage)  My son is in there dying of some stupid disease I can't even pronounce, and God doesn't seem to care a bit!  I keep racking my brain, trying to figure out what he might have done.


Mike:        Who?


Ben:         Kyle.  I mean, he's only eleven years old.  What evil can an eleven year-old accomplish, anyway?  The worst he's ever done is skip his homework.  Surely that can't be enough to make God this angry.


Mike:        Ben, you can't be serious.  Kyle didn't do anything evil.


Ben:         Then it must have been me.  I don't get it.  I've tried my best to be a good father, a good husband.  I'm faithful to Katy, I don't abuse her or Kyle.  Maybe it was back when I was in college.  I smoked a lot of pot back then, slept around a lot.  (a beat)  I guess it's finally catching up with me.


Mike:        Ben, this isn't a punishment.  God doesn't take vengeance on a father by hurting his son.


Ben:         He did it to David.


Mike:        What?


Ben:         He killed David's baby, remember?  After David slept with Bathsheba.  (gesturing to Mike’s Bible)  It's right there in the Bible!


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