Boot Camp Buddies – Obey

Cast Number: 6

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: John 14:15

Categories: Children, Comedy, Music Enhanced Scripts, Series Skits
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Fourth in a five part drama with a military boot camp theme, excellent for VBS.
Camp Follow-You is underway and everything had better be just right! . . Except that there is a new recruit named Chester Romeo Hunkalunk from Goose Feathers, Iowa who is, well, different.
In the first segment we find out how this . . group . . will show their love and support for each other. (John 13:35)
In the second segment we find the importance of trust. (Proverbs 3:5)
In the third segment we learn of the place, and the power, of prayer. (James 5:16)
In this fourth segment we find out the importance of obeying. (John 14:15)
In the final (fifth) segment the soldiers recap what they have learned.
Each segment has a “marching” song written to the theme.

Cast: 6 (could be male or female)Hunkalunk, male recruit (a Gomer Pyle type person)
Adams, female recruit
Michaels, female, recruit
Sarge, male, blustery officer
Lieutenant, female, from headquarters
Captain, m or f, from headquarters

Sound: song “Follow Him” arranged and recorded by DramaShare
DramaShare members will find this song file in “Script Songs” at the “TECHNICAL HELP” link.
NOTE that there are three music files from which to choose, the standard file which will work in most cases, a file with a longer introduction, and also a file “Marching Music” which can be used as interlude or background music.

Costumes: could be military uniforms for all except Hunkalunk

Props: chair

Sample of script:

Day 4 – John 14:15, obey
If you love me, you will obey what I command.

Hunkalunk is sitting on stage, chin in hand, sad, Adams and Michaels come on stage

Adams: Hi Hunkalunk!

Hunkalunk, feeble response: Hey.

Michaels: How’s things on this beautiful day Hunkalunk?

Hunkalunk: K.

Adams: Something wrong Hunkalunk?

Hunkalunk: I’ll be OK in a bit, just sittin’.

Michaels: Anything we can do to help?

Hunkalunk: Not unless you can get me back to Goose Feathers, Iowa in the next . . (checks watch) . . next 14 minutes.

Adams: 14 minutes? . . That would likely be very hard to do.

Michaels: Why do you need to get back to Goose Feathers, Iowa in the next 14 minutes?

Hunkalunk: Just the biggest day of the year in Goose Feathers, Iowa is all.

Michaels: And the day is . .?

Hunkalunk: NFL day is all.

Adams: You have a National Football League day in Goose Feathers, Iowa?

Hunkalunk: “National Football League day”? . . Whyever would we have a National Football League day, we don’t got no football team or nothin’.

Michaels: But you just finished saying you are having an NFL day.

Hunkalunk: Yah! . . NFL! . . New Friends Lunch day.

Adams: New Friends Lunch day? . . What is that all about?

Hunkalunk: You mean to tell me you guys don’t celebrate NFL day where you’re from?

Michaels: Close as we come is Super Bowl Sunday.

Hunkalunk: Like that would rank anywheres close to New Friends Lunch day!

Adams: Tell me Hunkalunk, what do you do on New Friends Lunch day?

Hunkalunk: Well, different town have their own ways of celebrating New Friends Lunch day, but in Goose Feathers, Iowa every man, woman, child and Newfoundland dog are expected to make a new friend, . .

Adams: The Newfoundland dogs get involved as well?

Hunkalunk: Well duhhhh . . the Newfoundland dogs were the ones that first started NFL day in Goose Feathers, Iowa!

Michaels: Should I dare ask how that happened?

Hunkalunk: Work with me on this guys! . . New . . Found . . Land . . N for “new” . . F for “found” . . L for “land”! . . New . . Found . . Land, do I have to spell it out for y’alls? You fellers do seem to have trouble with concepts doncha?

Adams: Sorry about that Hunkalunk . . Now after every man, woman and child make a friend . . .

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