Boot Camp Buddies – Trust

Cast Number: 6

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Proverbs 3:5

Categories: Children, Comedy, Series Skits
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Part 2 of a five part drama with a military boot camp theme, excellent for VBS.
Camp Follow-You is underway and everything had better be just right! . . Except that there is a new recruit named Chester Romeo Hunkalunk from Goose Feathers, Iowa who is, well, different.
In the first segment we find out how this . . group . . will show their love and support for each other. (John 13:35)
In this second segment we find the importance of trust. (Proverbs 3:5)
In the third segment we learn of the place, and the power, of prayer. (James 5:16)
In the fourth segment we find out the importance of obeying. (John 14:15)
In the final (fifth) segment the soldiers recap what they have learned.
Each segment has a “marching” song written to the theme.

Cast: 6 (could be male or female)
Hunkalunk, male recruit (a Gomer Pyle type person)
Adams, female recruit
Michaels, female, recruit
Sarge, male, blustery officer
Lieutenant, female, from headquarters
Captain, m or f, from headquarters

Sound: song “Follow Him” arranged and recorded by DramaShareDramaShare members will find this song file in “Script Songs” at the “TECHNICAL HELP” link.
NOTE that there are three music files from which to choose, the standard file which will work in most cases, a file with a longer introduction, and also a file “Marching Music” which can be used as interlude or background music.

Costumes: could be military uniforms for all except Hunkalunk

Props: big box for segment 2, chair

Sample of script:

Day 2 – Proverbs 3:5, trust
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding

Michaels and Adams are lounging on stage

Adams: So Michaels, how are you enjoying Camp Follow-You so far?

Michaels: Awesome, learning so much, everyone is so friendly! What about you Adams?

Adams: If you told me that camp could be this much fun, I wouldn’t have believed you!

Michaels, rubs tummy: And the food! . . Wow, I think I like put on 10 pounds last night at chow time.

Adams: Know what I like best?

Michaels: Doing crafts?

Adams: Well that’s awesome too but my favoritest thing is sitting with the Sergeant and the rest of the staff, talking about the General and the plans he has for his army.

Michaels: You are so right on! And how we can always trust the General, no matter what.

Hunkalunk comes on stage carrying/pulling a big heavy box

Adams: What you got in there Hunkalunk?

Hunkalunk: A snack.

Michaels: You mean you brought all that along to Camp Follow-You just for a snack?

Hunkalunk: Yup.

Adams: What kind of snack?

Hunkalunk: Sandwiches.

Adams: You mean to tell me that huge box is full of sandwiches?

Hunkalunk: For a fact.

Michaels: But there has to be enough in there to like . . feed an army, actually.

Hunkalunk: Umm, (whispers) private person . . look around . . this is for sure like . . the army.

Michaels: I know Hunkalunk, but you are only one person!

Hunkalunk: Like my Momma always says, I be a growin’ boy, needs my snacks to grow on.

Adams: Where did you get the snacks from?

Hunkalunk: Momma.

Adams: You mean way back in . .

Hunkalunk: In Goose Feathers, Iowa, for sure.

Michaels: And you have been travelling how long.

Hunkalunk: Last four days on the PWC bus.

Michaels: PWC would stand for . .?

Hunkalunk: Pretty Wobbly Coachlines as I recollect.

Adams: And after all this time you still plan to eat these sandwiches.

Hunkalunk: Nothing quite compares to Momma’s fried egg sandwiches I tell ya! . . Before I left Goose Feathers, Iowa I wondered, could I trust the folks here at Camp Follow-You to keep me proper fed, so my Momma says, “why don’t you bring lots of fried egg sandwiches along in case you go and get hungry?”

Michaels: And you trust that the sandwiches will still be OK to eat five days later?

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