Brewed Unto Others

Cast Number: 12

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 12:6

Categories: Comedy, Leadership
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Churches must cater to all ages and interests. In this comedy the coffee shop is aiming to cater to all by having a wide product offering.

Bible Reference:     Romans 12:6


Cast:        5 major speaking parts and any number of crowd parts
Constance, counter supervisor, strong southern accent
Claudia, counter worker
Fran, counter worker
Sheila, waitress
Sarah, waitress
any number of crowd people


Set:         cafeteria


Lighting, Sound:      standard


Costumes:   5 main actors wear waitress uniforms


Props:       coffee cups, coffee pots


Time:       6




Claudia and Constance come on stage from different locations, arriving at work, yawning, tired


Sarah:        Mornin’ Constance . . .


Constance:    Mornin’ back at y’all, Sarah! Y’all ready for to serve up coffee and snacks and such.


Sarah:        Yes, I am Constance, spent two hours last night with that exercise you taught me . .


Sarah does exaggerated miming pouring coffee several times quickly


Constance:    Land sakes Sarah, look what y’all just done, spoiled coffee on Mrs. Dempster, one of our bestest customers here in the coffee shop. . Now go on, get that mess cleaned up!


Sarah, confused look but quickly mimes wiping up the spilled coffee


Constance:    Did y’all apologize to Mrs. Dempster?


Sarah, confused:    
Mrs. Dempster?


Constance:    Mrs. Dempster . . . the one y’all spilled the coffee on . .  now go on now . .  apologize to Mrs. Dempster! . . . Go on girl!


Sarah, anxious, to the invisible customer:  
Oh Mrs. Dempster, I am so sorry I spilled coffee on you, I mean how can you . . .


Constance:    Land sakes child, this here’s a matter betwixt y’all and dear old Mrs. Dempster . . No reason why the whole world should know . . .


Sarah, apologetic:   
Sorry Constance . . .


Sarah mimes apologizing to invisible person, then turns to Constance


Sarah:        Well, did I apologize good Constance?


Constance:    Well, for sure y’alls are learnin’ child. . .  (giggles) . .  Good thing old Mrs. Dempster is deaf though, for a fact. . . . Y’alls said you was sorry for spillin’ coffee all over her blue chiffon . . . anyone with eyesight knows her dress is Royal blue gingham. But no matter, chances are Mrs. Dempster never heard word one.


Fran, Sheila and Claudia come on stage


Sheila:       Good morning Constance, Sarah.


Constance:    Love the big smile Sheila, sweet smile starts customer's day off right, I always say.


Sheila:       Well we have such awesome customers here in the coffee shop.


Sarah:        For sure we do Sheila. Except watch out for Mrs. Dempster, she's a bit upset.


Sheila:        I was thinking, why can’t we have a flashy name for our coffee shop?


Constance:    The coffee shop has been . .  The Coffee Shop . . forever . .


Sarah:        How about something like . . . “Brew Unto Others Coffee Shop”?


Sheila:       Well, seeing as how we are open first thing in the morning, why not . . . “Brewed Awakening Coffee Shop”?


Constance:    The Coffee Shop it’s gonna stay! Like we always used to say on the plantation . . .


Claudia:      Didn’t know you were born in the south, guess that explains your southern accent.


Constance:    Whatever y’alls talkin’ about Claudia, me I’m from North Dakota, doncha know.


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