Bubbles of Obedience

Cast Number: 2

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 3:4

Categories: Clowning, Puppet
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Bubbles the clown is shown to understand that obedience is better than sacrifice.


Setting: Bubbles and Teacher talking.


Characters: Satan Balloon, Teacher, and Bubbles


Sample of script:


Teacher: Bubbles do you understand what we’ve been talking about obedience is better than sacrifice.

Bubbles: Yeah – pretty much (no bubbles come out yet)

Teacher: Good. This is such an important lesson.

Bubbles: Teacher I noticed a bottle of bubbles on the table back here, may I have them. You know bubbles are my favorite thing in the world, that’s how I got my name.

Teacher: No, sorry not this time Bubbles. (Teacher is busy and in a hurry)

Bubbles: But why, no ones using them. It wouldn’t hurt anything.

Teacher: (stops for a second) Bubbles I said no, I have my reasons.

Bubbles: OK – well… but…. Oh OK.

Satan: (Balloon comes up) That’s not fair

Bubbles: (stutters) Wh…who said that.

Satan: Your own thoughts said that.

Bubbles: I did. Oh.

Satan: It’s just not fair for her to keep the bubbles when no one else wants them. She just doesn’t want you to have them. She just doesn’t want you to have any fun.

Bubbles: She said she had a reason. We are suppose to obey and not question.

Satan: What possible reason could their be except she’s trying to be mean. Mean for no reason. Every one picks on you because you’re the only whale. That’s why the teacher wont give you the bubbles. You should just take them.

Bubbles: Take them? But she said no.

Satan: Yessss she said no. But she wont even notice there gone. Besides, they’ve been here forever. She just didn’t want you to have them, that’s what.

Bubbles: I don’t know.

Satan: Can’t you just picture yourself playing with the bubbles. Watching them glide in the air.

Bubbles: Yeah, I love it when they collide and make one big bubble.

Satan: You could just play with them for a while and put them back. She would never know. It’s only fair.

Bubbles: Weellll Ok. (Bubbles ducks down and when he comes back up he’s blowing bubbles.) Wheeeee. I love bubbles.

Satan: Let’s play just a bit more – no one is noticing.


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