But You Promised

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:25 min.

Bible Reference: Genesis 3:9

Categories: Comedy
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What would happen is one of the biggest promises made was broken!


Key words: promises keeping your word trust lie broken promises children’s church

Cast: Three people, any age and gender.


Sample of script:

Scene opens as actors enter stage.


Tony: What a day! I tell you if any of my other days are like this one, I think I might just through in the towel!

Ellen: Sounds serious.

Tony: You have no idea!

Ellen: Want to tell?

Tony: Actually, it’s kinda lame. First of all, I slept right through my alarm and missed my math test!

Ellen: This is a bad thing! Missing math tests will sure land you in major hot water!

Tony: Not really. Missing the math test really wasn’t a bad thing because I didn’t quite have the time to study before the exam.

Ellen: So, you are saying that missing the math test was a good thing?

Tony: The answer is kinda yes and no.

Ellen: I’m sure you will explain that one as well.

Tony: You can count on me! You see, the new Alien Transformers movie was playing, so my buddy and I snuck out after our parents thought we were sleeping, went to the late show!

Ellen: And what did your parents say when you got home?

Tony: They never knew I was gone! But it did go kinda late, so as soon as I got home I just fell asleep right away!

Bobby comes on stage

Bobby: Who’s this that’s falling asleep?

Ellen: Hi, Bobby, Tony here is explaining how sleeping in and missing a math test was a good thing.

Bobby: I’m with you on that one, Ellen. Last semester I was having a ton of trouble with math, my best mark was 23. Then this one time I and some others in my class slept in, the professor said that anyone who missed the test would get a mark of 35. So my mark was more than twice as good


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