Called to Preach

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Hebrews 13:7

Categories: Leadership
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A drama written for an appreciation event for a lady pastor. Telling of the pastor's love and care for her flock.

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Cast:         4
any age, male or female
Person2 would likely be the church secretary


Set:          none


Sound, lighting, costumes:    standard


Props:        phones


Time:        10




group of actors come on stage, chatting,


1:           Hey, where’s Pastor Doris?


2:           She’s not here.


1:           Not here?


2:           Nope.


3:           Pastor Doris on vacation?


2:           Nope.


1:           Pastor Doris is sick?


3:           What's wrong with Pastor Doris?


1:           I always said Pastor Doris has been working too hard, warned her that she oughta slow down and now she’s gone and got herself sick and  . . .


2:           Whatever are you guys talking about, Pastor Doris, she's not sick.


1:           You sure she's not sick?


4 comes on stage


4:           Hey, anybody know where Pastor Doris is at?


3:           Not here.


4:           Pastor Doris on vacation? That’s nice, about time Pastor Doris took some time off, what with her spending long days, day in, day out here at church . . .  .


1:           Pastor Doris, (looks sceptically at 2), . . . apparently . . . . is not on vacation . . .  and  . . . apparently . . .  not sick either.


4:           That makes zero sense. Everyone knows, Pastor Doris isn’t at the church, she isn’t away on vacation, then only thing she can be is sick ..  . and not just a bit sick . . . bad sick is what!

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