Can A Little Child Like Me

Cast Number: 7

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 21:16

Categories: Children, Christmas, Christmas Sunday School Programs
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The young people are upset that they can’t have a part in the church Christmas skit so they decide to create their own Christmas presentation, with songs and an acrostic presentation.

Cast: 7 (children, m or f, ages below approximate)
Wyatt - 7 year old male
David - 7 year old male
Dylan - 7 year old male
Lucas - 4 year old male
Patrick- 4 year old male
Jill - 4 year old female
Andrew - 4 year old male

Props: letters for actors to hold, form the word “PRESENT”

Music: “Can A Little Child” (written by W.K. Basswood) This MP3 music can be accessed by DramaShare members from the “TECHNICAL HELP” link, “Script Songs” dropdown at the DramaShare site.

Sample of script:

actors come on stage, unhappy

Jill: Seems kinda not fair.

Wyatt: Kinda? . . More than kinda!

David: Rosie and Alex and Connor aren’t much older than me and they get to do it!

Dylan: Me too, they don’t seem to understand I am not a kid anymore; I am 7 I’ll have you know!

Lucas: And I am 4, . . and gettin’ real big, real fast!

David: Me too!

Dylan: Me too too!

Jill: Me too, besides I am real cute!

Dylan: Best we change the subject.

Jill: Don’t you think I am real cute Dylan?

Dylan: Sure been good weather lately huh?

Jill: You didn’t answer my question Dylan.

Dylan: My Dad told me if a girl asks that question best thing is to talk about the weather.

Wyatt: You guys goin’ on about who’s cute and we are forgetting the problem we’ve got.

Patrick: Big problem!

David: Why won’t they let us guys be in the Christmas skit anyhow?

Andrew, sad: They say we’re too little.

Patrick: Not fair.

Lucas: Why don’t we just go and do our own skit?

Jill: I’m with you Lucas! . . I could be the cute person in our skit.

Wyatt: Cool it Jill, we gotta think here.

Dylan: Well we could sing that song. . . .

Wyatt: Which song?

Dylan: You know, the one we learned in Sunday School . .
(sings a capella)
Can a little child like me
Thank the father fittingly . .

David: Hey that would be good, we all know that one . .

Music, first verse of “Can A Little Child” played, all sing

All: Can a little child like me
Thank the father fittingly
Yes oh yes, be good and true
Patient, kind in all you do
Love the Lord, and do your part
Learn to say with all your heart
Father we thank you
Father we thank you
Father in heaven, we thank you!

Wyatt: Hey that was good, we rock!

David: For sure we do.

Dylan: Only thing is . . it’s not real Christmassy.

Lucas: So?

Dylan: It’s for the Christmas concert . . folks expect something Christmassy at Christmas.

Wyatt: Guess you are right . . .

Andrew: Back to square one!

all look sad

Dylan: But we could toss in some Christmas words.

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