Celebrating Lent

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:7 min.

Bible Reference: Matthew 6:16-18

Categories: Comedy, Easter
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Theme:       Comparing Mardi Gras with Lenten celebrations in the Christian church.
Couples who are attending each celebration meet and exchange opinions.


Bible Reference:      Matthew 6:18


Cast:         4 (2m & 2f)


Set:          blank


Sound:       SFX Mardi Gras sounds from sources such as:


Costumes:    Leeha & Jumjum will have wild costumes and masks


Props:        bead necklaces


Time:        7


Sample of script:


SFX:  Mardi Gras sounds


Leeha & Jumjum come onstage wearing masks and bead necklaces, moving to the music


Jumjum:      Celebrate! . . . Celebrate!


Leeha:        Throw me something mister!


Keep this up for a minute or two, don’t overdo it

about half way through the dance Tom & Marian come on stage, watch in wonderment


Leeha:        Throw me something mister!


Jumjum:      Come join in the fun people! . . . Where’s your masks?


Tom:         Masks? . . .  Uhhh . . . why would we want to be wearing masks? . . . And why are you guys wearing masks? . . . I got news for you . . . . Halloween is long gone.


Leeha:        It’s for the . . . 


Leeha & Jumjum, snap fingers and dance around, speak in unison:
Cell . . eeee . . . . bray . . . shun!


Leeha:        Throw me something mister!


Jumjum:      Come join us people, we are on our way to the  . . . celebration!


Marian:       Celebration? . . . What celebration is that?


Leeha:        Ain’t no other celebration around . . .


SFX:        Mardi Gras sounds


Leeha & Jumjum dance around to the music


Leeha:        It’s Mardi Gras time!


Jumjum:      Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh!


Leeha:        Didn’t catch your names. . .  I’m Leeha and this here is Jumjum!


Marian:       Uhhhh . . . pleased to meet you . .  . uhh Leeha . . . . and . . . Jum . . . . jum.
I am Marian and this is my husband Tom.


Jumjum:      Kinda unusual names you got, but no matter. . . So you are off to the Mardi Gras?


Tom:         Actually we are off to church.


Jumjum, holds up hand to try to high5 Tom
Awesome, you are having a Mardi Gras event in your church! . . . Awesome!


Tom:         No it’s Lent and . . .


Jumjum:      Exactly, that’s what Mardi Gras is all about, gettin’ the wild partyin’ outta the way before Lent starts!


Leeha:        Lent is that unfortunate time when we gotta do this . . not do that! . . .  Giving a bunch of stuff up is a bit of a downer you ask me . .  but it is what it is.


Marian:       Well, I don’t see Lent as giving things up . .  Lent to me is a time when believers prepare for the Easter season through prayer and studying God’s word.


Jumjum:      Believers? . . . Oh yeh, that. . . . We are real religious too you know.


Leeha:        We almost always go to church at Christmas. . . Sometimes even at Easter if my folks are visiting. . . . . That’s why we always go to Mardi Gras so, like Jumjum says, we can forget the wild stuff before we need to suffer through Lent.

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