Celebrating Servers

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:8 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 12:6

Categories: Comedy, Leadership, Sermon Starter
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Theme:       A comedy shows how we need to use the talents which God has given us in service to our God, and not be jealous of the talents of others. A church needs to rely on many prople in leadership and also as, (unfortunately usually unnoticed), workers doing the many jobs without which the church would greatly suffer. The church in this skit is setting out to ensure that their workers know they are greatly appreciated. Perfect for a volunteer appreciation program.

Bible Reference:     Romans 12:6


Cast:         3 (written for males, could be m or f with some rewriting)
Red (church janitor)


Set:          blank


Lighting, Sound,  Costumes:  standard


Time:       8




Red is on stage sweeping the floor

after a few seconds Fred and Ted come onstage

Red gets more and more curious about what is going on between Fred and Ted


Fred:        So anyhow, Ted, what we plan to do is have a special celebration get-together for all the people involved in the music and drama programs here at Homestead Church.


Ted:         Wow Fred, that does sound awesome, people in those ministries serve long hours, provide really strong worship experiences for all who attend Homestead.


Fred:        You bet they do Ted and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts.


Ted:         OK, so I know all the people in the drama department, I will invite all the actors to come out, no problem, I can look after that.


Fred:        Well that would be great Ted, only thing is, we want to make sure we include everyone from the drama department.


Ted:         Yeh Fred, like I say I will invite all the actors, I know them all personally.


Fred:        OK Ted but I want to include the guys on sound, the lighting people, people in charge of costumes and makeup . . . everyone should be invited.


Ted:         I get your drift now Fred, . .  and it sounds very great! . . I will also invite Tony, he does a great job building the sets for the drama presentations.


Red walks closer to the others, tentatively raises hand, thinks better takes a step back


Fred:        Excellent, we want to thank all who are involved in any way. I think it is just so awesome to have the wonderful talents of those who work in wood, we for sure need more people like that.


Red, coughs to draw attention:     
Excuse me, couldn’t help but overhear.


Ted:         Oh hi, you are the new facilities person here at Homestead I believe . . . can’t remember your name . .


Red:         Name’s Red.


Ted:         Pleased to meet you Red, I’m Ted and this, (points to Fred), is Fred.


Red:         Hi Ted,  . . Fred.


Fred, to Red:  Sorry I didn’t catch your name. . .


Red:         It’s Red Fred.


Fred:        Good knowing you Red. . . Ted and I were just discussing our plans for a celebration night. We want to thank all those who serve in drama and music here at Homestead, Red.


Red:         Yes, I overheard you Fred, discussing it with Ted and when Ted said he was led to look for more workers in wood, well, Fred, I too was led to ask if I could perhaps be considered to be a worker in wood, Fred. . . What do you think Ted?


Ted:         Well, I don’t know about you Fred but I am led to consider Red.


Fred:        Me too Ted. . . You are a worker in wood Red?


Red:         Yes I am Fred. Actually just last week I completed a major wood working project.


Fred:        Impressive Red, what wood working project did you work on Red?


Red:         I built a wonderful wooden bed Fred.


Fred:        Wow Red! . . Did you hear that Ted? . . . Red built a bed!


Ted:         All I can say Fred if Red said he built a bed I am led to believe what Red said!


Red:         Thanks for believing what I said Ted. . . I built my bed from redwood and walnut.


Fred:        Walnut wood is a wood workers dream for a bed Red, don’t you agree Ted?

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