Change In The Church

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: n/a

Categories: Comedy, Leadership
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Theme:       What if we do the unpardonable in our church, we . . gasp . . . make changes! . . For instance if we move the piano from the right to the left side of the stage.
Would the congregation allow it?
Poking fun at resistance to change, (even the slightest change), in the church.

Bible Reference:    


Cast:         4, m or f
Nell – waitress
Pastor Fred
Pastor Tom
Pastor Sharon


Set:         blank with table and chairs


Lighting, Sound, Costumes:  standard


Props:       cell phone


Time:       10


Sample of script:      


Fred comes on stage with magazine, sits at a table, waitress come to table


Nell:         Good morning sir, welcome to the Bluebird Cafe. . . May I get you something to drink?


Fred:        I will have my usual, a cup of coffee please.


Nell:         Coming right up, cream and sugar?


Fred:        No sugar, give me two cream on the side.


Nell:         I can add a double cream for you sir.


Fred, firm:    No Nell, I want my usual, the cream on the side, I will add the cream myself.


Nell, raises eyebrows:      
As you wish sir.


Sharon and Tom come on stage


Tom:        Hi Pastor Fred, good morning.


Fred:        Pastor Sharon, Pastor Tom.


Nell:         Wow, you pastors are for sure being formal with each other this morning. . . What can I get for you Pastor Sharon, Pastor Tom?


Tom:        I will have my usual, that’s . . .


Nell:         Don’t tell me, Orange Pekoe tea with a slice of lemon. . .  And for you, Pastor Sharon?


Sharon:      Please Nell, just call me Sharon. . . And I will have decaf coffee please.


Nell leaves stage


Tom:        So how are things at your church, Pastor Fred?


Fred:        Same as always Pastor Tom, holding the course is what we do at First Church of Topeka. . . What about at Tenth Street Church?


Tom:        Same. . . At Tenth Street Church we try to keep things . .  the same, the usual. . . . And Sharon, what about at Second Avenue Fellowship?


Sharon:      Well it’s exciting, lots of changes . .


Fred and Tom show fear


Fred & Tom, in unison:     


Tom:        You are doing . . . changes?


Fred:        In the . . . church? . . . Wow!


Sharon:      We installed new carpets throughout the church.


Tom, smug:   Oh that kind of change . .  carpets . . . we installed new carpets as well.


Sharon:      I like the bright new colors, and I love the exciting new pattern.


Fred, terror:   You chose . . . new . .  colors?


Tom, terror:  And new patterns?


Sharon:      And we redesigned our stage in the sanctuary.


Fred:        You mean the people in the pews allowed you to change the stage area?


Sharon:      I included the congregation in the planning and they are all for it.


Fred:        Wow! . . . That would never happen in my church.


Tom:        Mine either. . .


Fred:        Don’t get me wrong. . .  I am all for change. . .


Tom:        Absolutely, I am a champion of change. . . It’s just that my congregation have always wanted the usual, wanted things to stay the way they always have been!


Fred:        Exactly! . . So change needs to come slowly.


Tom:        We are moving the piano from the left side of our stage, forty feet over to the right side.


Fred:        A bold move Tom!


Tom:        We have a plan. . . . We are going to move the piano in stages.


Sharon:      Stages?


Tom:  Yep, we are going to move the piano a half inch every month. . .  The congregation will never even notice that the piano has been moved.

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