Child Advent

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Advent, Christmas
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A series of five easily staged advent presentations to be given by children on the 4 Sundays preceding Christmas and on Christmas Eve.Tells of the significance of the advent season, and of the advent wreath.

Cast: 5 (m or f)
Although written for 5, this could be done by any number of actors.

Set, lighting, sound, costumes: standard

Special instructions:
Depending on the children’s ages you may want to have an adult light the candles.
We suggest extinguishing candles after each segment as a fire precaution.

Props: wreath with four candles at the outside and a larger candle in the center, matches

Time: 3 minutes each, total approximately 15 minutes

Sample of script:

First Sunday of Advent

1st reader: Today is the first Sunday of Advent. We recognize advent by lighting the candles of the advent wreath. The wreath, a circle, reminds us of God, endless and eternal, without beginning or end.
2nd reader: The green of the wreath reminds us of the hope we have through God, and that through God we have hope for renewal, salvation and eternal life.
3rd reader: Candles remind us that God came into the world through His Son, Jesus Christ, as a man, suffered and died for our sins, so we could have a home in heaven.
4th reader: The four outer candles symbolize the time of waiting and anticipation which we celebrate in the four Sundays of Advent.
5th reader: The center candle represents Jesus Christ; he was, and is, central to our faithful hope. And so it is that the first candle, which we light today, is a symbol of the hope we have in salvation, and the hope of Jesus’ return.
All: We light the candle, recognizing the hope of Jesus.

Light first candle

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