Childrens Christmas Wise Men reading

Cast Number: 28

Run-time:10 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Christmas, Readings
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An easily staged Sunday School Christmas concert reading for children, who hold up letters and explain the meaning behind the letters: WISEMEN. Children may read or memorize lines.

Cast: 28 possible, can be easily modified

Sound: standing mics with music stands would be useful

Sample of script:

NOTE: If fewer children are available parts can be combined so that, as an example, child 2 may be responsible for all the secondary lines, (those shown as child 2, 3 and 4), or, alternatively, one or more of the secondary lines may be eliminated

1st child: (holds up letter “W”)
W is for the Wise men

2nd child: Wise men who knew something Wonderful was about to happen.

3rd child: Wise men who believed that the Messiah would come

4th child: Wise men who gave all they had to find Jesus

5th child: (holds up letter “I”)
I is for Infant

6th child: The Infant born to be a King

7th child: The Infant who would save his people

8th child: The Infant who would die for our sins.

9th child: (holds up letter “S”)
S is for Shepherds

10th child: Shepherds who heard the message of the angels

11th child: Shepherds who listened to the message

12th child: Shepherds who found Jesus and told others

13th child: (holds up letter “E”)
E is for Excitement

14th child: The Excitement of those who told of the birth

15th child: The Excitement of those who listened to the story

16th child: The Excitement of those who took the time to understand

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