Choice to be Happy

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: 2.Timothy 3:3

Categories: Monologue, Valentines/Love, Women
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People can choose to be happy, often under difficult circumstances. This Christian drama monologue hears from a woman who is a wife, mother and a career person. She chooses to see her glass half-full because of her strong belief in her Lord and Savior. She talks about the women in the bible who turned questionable situations into happy situations. Not so much "happy - happy" but very much joy filled. We think you will like this skit.

Easily memorized monologue.

Sample of script:

Actress walks on stage

Actress: Oh, hi! You kinda scared me, thought I was alone. So then, anyhow. Good seeing you!What’s that? How am I?Hey, listen. If I were any better I’d be . . . dancing, that’s what! Dancing! For joy! Happiness, you know!Dancing! Yes, that’s the word. That describes it best! Dancing!

Happiness running over, off my kitchen counter, (I really did plan to get my daughter’s valentine cutouts off the counter today, oh well, tomorrow’s coming, and if it comes, can next year’s Valentines Day be that far away?), running across my un-mopped floor, (wherever did little Tommy find that fresh tar I wonder), and out through the door, (children, will you please close the doors, the flies are using my home for their personal midday rest stop), down my driveway, (do we need to have every bicycle in the known world parked on my driveway?), and from thence to all the world!

Happiness! The happiness which ignores the knowledge that my bank debit card must have some malfunction. When I tried retrieving money from it at the ATM machine there erupted from somewhere in the bowels of said machine the most incredible laughter and a voice which said, “You wanna what?” Strange how my debit card has these malfunctions from time to frequent time, most notably near month-end. I really must check with my bank, see if they can replace my current debit card with one more reliable.

Happiness which realizes that the crowsfeet, wrinkles and doublechins which show up in my mirror are simply an aberration caused by faulty glazing at the mirror factory; that the recent tendency to tight fitting clothing is a result of lack of quality control in the worldwide sweatshops from whence my clothing was tendered.

Happiness which takes into account that, yes of course my husband is as handsome and dashing as ever, there is now much more of him to be handsome and dashing. Well, more, in areas other than cranial adornment, and just who needs a man with long, flowing, gorgeous, curly locks of hair through which it.....

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