Christmas Homecoming

Cast Number: 13

Run-time:45 min.

Bible Reference: Revelation 3:20

Categories: Christmas, Dinner Theatre, Family, Father, Mother, Music Enhanced Scripts
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This drama follows a couple and their family from childhood to deathbed. The Christmas season is an eventful time in this family as triumphs and tragedy tend to make themselves known at this season.
Can be used as a dinner theatre or regular drama, and at Christmas or any other time of year. If dinner theatre use end of appropriate scene for meal or dessert.

Bible Reference:     Revelations 3:/p>


Cast:         13, some could be doubled up, some non-speaking roles could be added in Scene I and II

Chris, (CChris), 7 year old child (could use older child to appear 7)
Chris, (TChris), 17 year old teen
Chris, (AChris), aged as 27. 47 and 52 year old
Bev, (CBev), 7 year old child (could use older child to appear 7)
Bev, (TBev), 17 year old teen
Bev, (CBev), 27 year old adult
Joy, daughter, (CJoy), 6 year old child (could use older child to appear 6)
Joy, daughter, (AJoy), aged as 26 and 31 year old adult
Evelyn, daughter, (CEvelyn), 4 year old child, (could use older child to appear 4)
Evelyn, daughter, (AEvelyn), aged as 24 and 29 year old adult
Mrs. White, Sunday School teacher, 20’s or older
Amy, teen, Bev’s friend
Tony, teen, Chris’ friend


Set:         Scene I – Children’s Sunday School Room (could be bare stage)
Scene II – Teen Gathering (could be bare stage)
Scene III – Living Room (bare stage with couch)
Scene IV – Living Room (bare stage with couch)
Scene V – Hospital Room (bare stage with hospital bed)


Lighting:    some lighting control would be useful


Sound:      mics as available
Song a cappella:      Christmas Is A Birthday, (see Burl Ives singing)


Costumes:   appropriate for the character age and the era


Props:       record player, children’s toys


Time:       45


Sample of script:      


Scene I – Sunday School for 7 year olds


Chris and Bev are on stage


CBev:        Isn’t it exciting? . . I love Christmas!


CChris:       Yeh, it’s good I guess . .  means I get another year older, not a kid anymore.


CBev:        What are you talking about Christian? . .  We are kids.


CChris:       I am 7, that means I’m not a kid anymore. . . . And my name’s Chris, only my Momma calls me Christian.


CBev:        I happen to like the name of Christian.


CChris:       Look here, Beverly Phillips, I am Chris . . . that is my name, OK?


CBev:        Fine then Christian Montgomery! . . . Don’t call me Beverly, I am Bev, OK?


CChris:       I don’t much like the name’a Bev. . I think Beverly is a nice name . . for a girl that is.


CBev:        Awww . . nice that you like my name Christian! . .  It’s OK, you can call me Beverly.


CChris:       What are you talkin’ about Beverly Phillips . . I already told you my name is Chris!


CBev:        Fine Christian Montgomery! . .  If you are Chris then I am Bev!


CChris:       You are acting like a silly girl!


CBev:        I am not silly . .  but in case you didn’t notice  . . I am a girl, Christian Montgomery!


CChris:       I noticed OK?


CBev:        Awwww, Christian . .  do you think I am pretty?


CChris:       Oh good grief, that’s what I hate about girls . .  gettin’ all mushy!


CBev:        Isn’t Christmas a great time Christian? . . Celebrate the birth.


CChris:       My birthday.


CBev:        Your birthday? . .  When’s your birthday Christian?


CChris:       December 25th .


CBev:        Awww Christian! . . . You were born on Christmas Day! . .  That’s so nice Christian!


CChris:       No it’s not! . .  And for the millionth time will you please stop callin’ me Christian . . I am Chris!


CBev:        What’s so wrong with having a birthday on Christmas Day Christian?


CChris:       When your birthday is any other day of the year you get birthday presents. . . When you’re born on Christmas you just get a gift that’s s’posed to be for both Christmas and birthday.


CBev:        Awww Christian! . . . .  That’s not fair at all! . .  Well I’m gonna get you a Christmas gift Christian . . and I’m gonna get you a birthday gift too, you just watch!


CChris, horrified:    
You will not Beverly Phillips! . . . Folks gonna think you’re my girlfriend or somethin’!


CBev:        Well do you have a girlfriend Christian?


CChris:       No I do not! . .  And I don’t want a girlfriend either . .  I got me a dog and that’s all a fella needs. . .  Now hush up about gifts and birthdays and girlfriends, here comes our Sunday School teacher! . . . Now hush!


Mrs. White comes on stage along with several other young children.

Bev moves to sit closer to Chris, looks up at him lovingly, big smile


Mrs. White:   Good morning boys and girls. . . I heard a song on the radio this week, and I like it a lot. It’s all about Christmas, and since this is the Christmas season I thought you’d like to hear it so I brought along a record for you to hear . .


puts record on the record player


Song:        Sing now a song of joy
Every Christmas is a birthday
Of that Baby born in Bethlehem
Far Far away

Ring out ol' bells of joy
Every Christmas is a birthday
Celebrated for that Baby Boy
Born Christmas Day

Sweet little stranger
There in the manger
Sent to be King of us
That Day of days

Angels above Him
Told us to love Him
Cling to him, bring to Him
Glory and praise


Mrs. White:   Now wasn’t that a lovely song children?
We have to go to our classroom now for Sunday School lesson, but over the next few weeks I want us to learn that song, perhaps sing it at our Sunday School Christmas concert.
Now come along children . .


all except Chris and Bev leave


CBev:        Wasn’t that a lovely song Christian?

Ring out ol' bells of joy
Every Christmas is a birthday
Celebrated for that Baby Boy
Born Christmas Day


CChris:      You got a good singin’ voice . . . for a girl.


CBev:        I am so glad you liked it Christian . .  I sang it just for you. . .  You are the baby boy born Christmas Day.


CChris:      There you go talkin’ silly again Beverly Phillips. .  You know full well that song’s about Jesus. . .  Now come on, we gotta catch up with the others before someone sees us alone together.


Chris and Bev start walking, Bev slips her hand in Chris’ and he reacts


CChris:      What are you doin’ Beverly Phillips? . .  Boys don’t go and hold hands with girls . . except maybe their Momma’s, like on a dark night or somethin’! . . . Now let’s get outta here!


Chris and Bev walk off stage, Bev looking lovingly at Chris, big smile


Scene II – 10 years later – teen gathering


group of teens are on stage, everyone chatting

Bev is chatting with Amy


Amy:        Well I plan to go to college next year after graduation; I want to be a nurse.


TBev:        No big surprise there Amy . . You always were the one binding up cuts and bruises on all our friends. . . Me I have trouble with the sight of blood.


Amy, laugh:   Likely nursing wouldn’t work for you then Bev. . .  But a brain like you will likely be a nuclear scientist or something.


TBev:        Nah, nothing so elaborate. . . Hoping to be a teacher, God willing.


Amy:        Not surprised, the way little kids are always around you, and you being a Sunday School teacher and all. You will be a natural for sure Bev.


TBev:        Well, we will see, it’s all in God’s hands.


Chris and Tony come on stage


Amy:        Hi Tony, who’s your friend?


Tony:        Hey Amy, Bev. . . You remember Chris Montgomery, used to live here. Chris and his family are visiting, back in town for Christmas.
Chris, you remember Amy Sloan and Bev Phillips.


TBev, trying not to appear uncomfortable
Hi Christian, how are you?


TChris:       Wow! . .  “Christian” . . Haven’t been called that in likely 10 years. . . How are you Beverly?


Amy, laughs:  “Beverly”? . . . I’ve never known you as anything but Bev.


TChris:       Sorry Bev . .  guess I . . .


TBev:        No problem, I am fine with Beverly.


Amy:        Bev, Chris, hope you don’t mind, I need Tony to help me out with the food.

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