Christmas Now And Then poem

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Run-time:9 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 1-2

Categories: Christmas, Mime, Poetry
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Theme:       A poem relates the Biblical happenings surrounding the long-awaited coming of the Messiah, and how this relates to our Christmas celebrations today.
Characters appropriately mime the thoughts of the poem throughout.


Bible Reference:      Luke 1-2


Special Instructions:   The italicized headings are displayed for audience to see
We recommend adding music, singing, dance, etc., of your choice between each of the sections
Where appropriate, a nativity scene is slowly created with various characters until a full display at drama end.


Time:        9 (plus music & other choices)


Sample of script:


The promised Messiah


God’s people long waited, while centuries passed,

Would God’s promised Messiah be coming at last?

The people, discouraged, slaves in their home,

Escaping from Egypt, cruel desert to roam.


Yet the faithful knew God that would be true,

Wise men of the Orient were seeking too.

The star shines bright, leading them on,

Guiding their way from dusk to dawn.


Others too, and there were a few, heard people’s voices.

Powerful men, with much to lose, feared the publics' choices.

Herod’s tantrum rage and the Roman’s might

Would be no match for God’s perfect right.


Angel visits Mary


When time was accomplished an angel came down

And visited a child there in Nazareth town.

The angel calmed Mary, said, “Mary, don’t fear,

“For you’ve been selected, the Savior to bear.”


Angel visits Joseph


Mary’s role acceptance brought heaven’s sweet joy,

God’s chosen mother for the heaven-sent boy.

But Joseph’s concern, what neighbors would say?

So he planned to hush Mary and send her away.


But God won’t be rejected, He won’t be denied.

When God picks His servants, there’s no place to hide.

So Gabriel urged Joseph make Mary his wife,
That she would birth Jesus, giving God human life.


Mary visits Elizabeth


Mary’s joy was boundless, and she travelled to tell

Her cousin, Elizabeth, who was pregnant as well.

Mary neared her cousin, the child leaped in her womb.

“Blessed favored one!” God’s glory filled the room.


Announcing the census

Travelling to Bethlehem


When Caesar Augustus the census did take.

Through unfair taxation more money he’d make.

So to Bethlehem Mary and Joseph did go,

With Mary so pregnant t’was painful, slow.


No room at the inn


On arriving in Bethlehem, ready for rest,

But Romans and rich folks had taken the best.

Not a room in the inns was left to be found,

Joseph, in panic, had looked all around.


Innkeeper’s wife


The innkeeper said sternly, “Not a thing I can do!”

“If not for selling our bed I would give it to you”

Said his wife, with angry expression and tone,

“Come follow me, I’ll not leave you alone!”

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