Christmas Prodigal

Cast Number: 15

Run-time:120 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 1:1 - 2:11

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Theme:       Two act, eleven scene Christmas musical written by Patti Rossiter, loosely based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.
Norman, (the prodigal) leaves home and his girlfriend Mary at age 16 when his brother Mike was an infant. Norman, (now known as Mack), returns home 35 years later. Neither brother recognizes the other. Mike has become pastor of North Side First Church and Executive Director of Haven of Hope men’s shelter.
There is a clash of intentions as Haven of Hope tries to be receptive to the needs of the disadvantaged while store owner Mr. Crumb shows disdain for homeless people or those down on their luck.


Bible Reference:      Luke 1:1-20, 2:1-2, 9b-11a


Cast:         15 PLUS Choir
Mack, 50’s, homeless, (childhood name Norman), left home at 16 when his brother (Mike) was an infant, returns to his hometown 35 years later
Pastor Mike, 35, Executive Director Haven of Hope men’s shelter and Pastor North Side First
Susan, 30’s, supportive, peacemaking wife of Pastor Mike
Belle, teen, daughter of Pastor Mike & Susan
Helen, senior, mother of Mack/Norman & Mike
Mr. Crumb, 50+, owner of mall sports goods store, all about money, hard-hearted, not interested in helping others
Allan, compassionate social worker at homeless shelter, roped into playing Santa
Jessica, efficient office secretary
Mary, cook at Haven of Hope, was girlfriend of Norman 35 years ago
Belinda, kinda wacko cook at Haven of Hope
Gladys, helpful head of ladies auxiliary
Ben, Haven of Hope benefactor, former high school friend of Norman
Wayne, Harry & Simon, not overly bright but big hearts, will play 3 wise men


Set:          Set design will be crucial as there are several set locations, however the Haven of Hope, Kitchen and Pastor Mike’s Office can all use different areas of the same set enhanced by lighting and/or backdrops. Ben & Amelia’s Home could be a backdrop using furniture in Pastor Mike’s office area, Street Bench scene in front.
Act I - Scene I - At the mall
Scene II & V - Haven of Hope
Scene III & VII - Kitchen at Haven of Hope
Scene IV & VIII - Pastor Mike’s Office
Scene VI - Ben & Amelia’s Home
Scene IX - Street Bench
Act II - Scene I - Haven of Hope
Scene II - Church Sanctuary
Set Identification will also be projected at the beginning of each scene
In lieu of backdrops, blank sets could be used with description of setting projected at the beginning of the scene.


Sound:       Suggested Songs:
Christmas In The Air
Sing Noel, Sing Hallelujah
Christmas Is A’Coming And The Goose Is Getting Fat
Where Are You Christmas?
African Noel with Go Tell It On The Mountain
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
There’s Nothing Greater Than Grace
God Sees The Little Bird That Falls
East To West
Show Me Your Way
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
Winter Wonderland
O Holy Night
Mary Did You Know
Joseph’s Lullaby
Son Of God
Reasons For Rejoicing
Christmas Worship Medley
Silent Night


Costumes:    Traditional costumes for Manger scene and wise men, all others contemporary.
Santa suit which is too short and baggy.


Props:        A piano on sanctuary level
Small table with lamp, desk, stool, garbage can, donation barrel
Phone, cell phone, Bible, magazines, flowers, cleaver, pocket watch, liquor bottle, gifts, parcels



Time:        120 minutes with songs, not including intermission


Sample of script:


Scene 1:  At the Mall


Welcome from Pastor


Lights up

Pastor comes onstage, speaks

Mack enters sanctuary from rear or side door as the Pastor is speaking, silently looking at people in congregation, moves to front row seat, removes coat and hat, lays them on seat. Is kind of listening to pastor, but clears his throat, reacting enough that congregation are aware of his presence.

Pastor concludes welcome, exits stage.

Pianist comes on stage, starts to play song,

Mack stands, walks to upstage position of pianist so audience can see what is happening, peers at music, returns to his seat.

Pianist finishes song.


Projected:    At the mall, before Christmas


Choir, laughing, talking, enter from back of church, assemble at front, sing


Choir:        “Christmas is in the Air”

Santa enters stage, sits on stool by donation box

Mack stands, enters set, looking in garbage can, sees donation bin, moves to it

Pastor Mike and the House of Hope characters enter stage to applause, Mike speaks


Mike:        Thank you, thank you!  It is wonderful to be here again at Fairview Mall.  And just in case some of you are not sure who we are, let me introduce myself and our group to you.  I am Pastor Mike and we are the Choir from North Side First Church who have come to spread a little Christmas cheer, sing a few carols and of course, bring awareness of our homeless shelter, Haven of Hope that we operate year round.  You will notice that we have food barrels available if you would like to support the “Loaves and Fishes Food Bank”…


While Mike is speaking, Mack takes food from a barrel, putting in his jacket, choir notices, Mike sees, falters. Mack notices Mike has stopped speaking, puts everything back, moves away


Mike:        Ahhh, yes and ah, there are baskets for any donation that you can make to help the homeless.  We appreciate anything that you can give to this ministry.  In the meantime, the Choir will sing another song.


Crumb, approaches Mike, confrontational:  
Not if I have anything to say about it!  What are you guys doing here blocking my sporting goods store?  Isn’t there somewhere else you could, (sarcastically), spread your good cheer? 


Mike:         I’m sorry, Mr?


Crumb, talking to customers: 
Crumb, Crumb is my name and profits my game, (turns abruptly, looks at Mike), and if you do not move within 5 minutes, I’m calling Mall Security and getting you thrown out of the Mall!  (starts to turn away)


Mike, sticks out hand, Crumb reluctantly takes it:   
Mr. Crumb, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. I guess we are blocking your display of . .  (looks around) . . hunting gear.  You know, I’ve been wanting a new hunting jacket.  Would it be alright if after our last song my wife and I visit your store to look at what you are selling? (to Susan) . . .  What do you think, my dear?  I have been thinking about getting a new hunting jacket for a few years. 


Susan:        I’m sure we could go and have a look.  But I don’t know if they have your size.  Sometimes these specialty stores only stock regular sizes.


Crumb, miffed, but selling mode):    
I stock the larger sizes. . . . (to Mike) . .  And just to show I have no hard feelings, I’ll give you my personal service that I only give to my best customers.  Maybe you’ll be interested in some of the other hunting gear apparel we have.  And what about a pair of boots?  We also have knives and game calls you might be interested in.  


Mike, sincere: Thanks, Mr. Crumb.  We’ll be in shortly.  And thanks so much for understanding that we just want to get the word out that we really need extra funds, especially at this time of the year.  Hey, I just had an idea.  Why not come and visit us at Haven of Hope sometime this week and see what we’re all about? 


Crumb:       No, no.  I’m pretty busy with the business and everything. 
(panicking and spying fictional person)
Oh, look, I think that is one of my employees that need my assistance.


(Crumb moves away quickly, Mike crosses to Santa) 


Mike:         Allan, see if you can find that man who was going through the food barrel.  I would like to talk to him.


Allan:         Sure, Pastor Mike.  I’ll see what I can do.  But I have to tell you this get-up is a little restricting – and embarrassing. (stands, Santa suit is too short and baggy) 
I cannot tell you how many times I have had someone stop me in the mall and ask me why I’m so skinny and what happened to my belly filled, (sarcastically) “like a bowl full of jelly.”  Every little kid wants to sit on my knee to tell me what they want for Christmas. (big sigh)  I’ll tell you what I want for Christmas - to never see this suit again!


Mike, laughs:  It’s almost over, Allan. (serious) Just go find him, okay?  I have a feeling that he needs us.  (Allan starts to move away)  Thanks Allan!
(turns to crowd) 
Well, folks we just want to thank you for this opportunity to raise money for Haven of Hope.  We’ll leave you with our final song.


Choir:  “Sing Noel, Sing Hallelujah”


End of Scene – Lights out


Scene 2 – Haven of Hope


Projected:    Haven of Hope


Office desk at center stage, small Christmas tree in the corner.  Jessica at desk on phone, Allan sorting papers, frazzled


Choir:  “Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat”


Jessica:       Thank you, Mrs. Randolph.  Your donation of turkeys is certainly timely for we are holding a Christmas dinner for the homeless in just one week.  How many turkeys did you want to donate?  You have 10!  Wonderful, wonderful.  I can ask Allan . .  (looks at Allan questioningly, he nods distractedly) . .  to go over and pick them up.  I assume they are frozen.  (listens briefly)  You say they are in your back yard!  What do you mean?  They are live turkeys?  (listens briefly, Allan takes notice)  Oh my, oh my.  What shall we do?  One moment please. (covers phone, talks to Allan)  This is Mrs. Randolph on the phone –a Mrs. Rudolph Randolph. It seems that Mr. Randolph has a small hobby farm of raising turkeys and they are ready to be (distastefully) sent to the market, so to speak, but he didn’t account for them becoming his pets so doesn’t have the heart to do the deed.  He thought that the Haven of Hope could use them for our Christmas Dinner.  What should we do?  We can’t have a bunch of turkeys around here for a week clucking or whatever turkeys do.


Allan:         Gobble.


Jessica:        What?


Allan:         Turkeys gobble my dear Ms. Watson.


Jessica:        Gobble, then.  What am I supposed to do? 


Allan:         Jessie, Jessie, Jessie.  It’s times like this that I wonder how you ever get along without me!  What am I – just a humble social worker?


Jessica, interrupts:   
Don’t forget Santa.  (sweetest voice)  Allan, do you think you could look after this for me?  I would be forever thankful.


Allan:         You would?  Consider it done.  Tell Rudolph that Santa is on his way! (laughs at his joke)


Jessica, on phone:
Thank you so much for waiting Mrs. Randolph.  My . .  (smiles at Allan) . . . executive assistant will be there right away.  And thank you for your donation to the Haven of Hope.  (hangs up the phone)


Allan, leaving: You definitely owe me one!  I have an appointment with that homeless man we saw in the mall in about an hour.  Be a sweetheart and keep him busy until I get back.


Jessica rolls eyes, dials phone.  Belle comes running in


Belle:         Oh, hi, Jessica.  Have you seen my Dad around? 


Jessica:        I haven’t seen him all morning.  He had an appointment with the Mayor at 10:and I don’t think he has come back yet.  Is there anything I can help you with? 


Belle:         Thanks, but I just wanted to ask him if I could go with my friends to the mall.  Mom is at work with an important client and unavailable so that leaves Dad.  Well, maybe I’ll just wait here until he gets back.  He shouldn’t be too long. 


Belle sits on chair, picks up magazine.  Mack enters quietly, Jessica & Belle don’t notice, Mack clears throat


Mack, polite: Good morning, young lady.  Is Allan in? 


Jessica:        I’m sorry, you’ve just missed him.  He just left to run an errand and should be back in an hour or so.  Would you like to wait?


Mack:         No, no.  I should be going.

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