Christmas Warmth

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Categories: Christmas, Monologue
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Young mother talks of cozy feelings about Christmas as her family try a Christmas at the cabin. Shouldn't Christmas be more than cozy feelings?

Sample of script:

Scene opens as spotlight comes up on center stage. Actor then enters the stage and begins talking to herself.

Actor: (Shivers) Brr! It’s cold in here! You would think we’re back in the 1900’s without heat and all! I think I can see my breath! Some Christmas Eve this is – no heat and no family to keep me warm!

Oh, I guess I’m only alone for a couple hours, I shouldn’t complain really. Once Jeff and the kids get back with some firewood, our Christmas will really begin. I still can’t believe Jeff went for this idea – having Christmas out at the cabin. He said, ‘oh, no! We can’t have Christmas away from home! Think of all the traditions we can’t do out at the cabin!’ Well, I guess Jeff’s yearly batch of green egg nog will have to be put on hold for this year. Shucks! So, here we are at the cabin for Christmas – but without any firewood!

I can’t seem to stop shivering! It’s not really that cold outside, but it feels colder because it’s so empty in here. Once the family shows up, then things will really warm up. Glad I brought my favorite sweater, though. Aunt Marie made this for me 11 years ago and I wear it every Christmas since. There’s something about being warm and cozy at Christmas. It just makes you feel all snug and secure, and that everything in the world can just wait for a day or two while we enjoy the warmth of Christmas.

Ah, that’s Christmas – that warm and cozy feeling.They say Christmas is for children, so maybe that’s where that feeling of wanting to be cozy comes from. I suppose my psychiatrist-husband would give me a long explanation of how we wish we could return to our..

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