Church of Redundancy

Cast Number: 5

Run-time:3 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 91

Categories: Mime
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playing church

Illusion: robot

Cast: a group of mimes

Sample of script

Mime enters with a sign. The mime will hold the sign throughout the piece and should stand in a strong second position (legs apart). The sign reads, "Church of Redundancy."

A church bell or organ chord sounds.

The other mimes turn from their backs facing the audience to begin robotically repeated movement patterns. Here are some options for groups:

People greeting with smiles and handshakes
Choir singing
People praying

Mime A enters with non-robotic movement and is pleased to meet the group of greeters that are warmly (and robotically) greeting. At first Mime A accepts the greeting and is pleased. Mime A is about to leave when suddenly, the hand is extended from the robot greeter again. So, again, Mime A shakes hands with the greeter. This can be repeated a few times until finally A jumps away from the scene looking a bit perplexed.

Mime A moves to the group that is singing. Mime A begins to sing as they do. But, then A begins to sway and clap. Again, Mime A begins to feel uncomfortable as the others are unchanging.

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