Come Let Us Adore Him

Cast Number: 1

Run-time:6 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 2:20

Categories: Advent, Christmas, Monologue
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Theme:       A monolog about the preparation and expectation of the Advent season.

Bible Reference:     Luke 2:/p>


Cast:         1 woman


Set, Lighting, Sound, Costumes:     standard


Props:        duster


Time:        6


Sample of script:      


actress come on stage dusting everything in sight, soon realizes “someone” is watching her


Oh . .  hi . . . didn’t see you come in.

Cleaning up a bit here . .

Not that my house is dirty or that but . . .

Well, I mean,  . .  some dust . . I mean, everybody’s house gets dusty, I mean . .

Well . . except for  . . . (distain) . . . Florianne McDermott’s house . .

Good old Florianne . . I think someone long ago made a supreme court ruling that Florianne McDermott’s house was to be exempted from dust bunny invasions!

But us mortals . .  sure we got some dust in our houses.

I will be the first to admit that from time to time my knickknacks are subject to dust encroachment. I mean, its natural, right? . .

Oh maybe don’t say anything to my Mom about dust in my home. . . She and me have benchmark differences on the subject.

I gotta tell you, my mother is the only person who comes to visit with three pair of white gloves in her purse . . . gloves that just happen to be put on and dragged along the seldom seen under edges of lamps, end tables and groceries in storage. . . . After which my Mom inspects the once spotless gloves with raised eyebrows and a look that would put Sherlock Holmes to shame.

Regardless, I do want to get my home in order.

Christmas you know, coming soon.

Which is a wonderful thing right?

Me, I just love Christmas coming.

Celebrations, looking for perfect gifts, baking, and, like I said, cleaning the house.

This year we got my sister-in-law Athinia coming, along with her husband and four kids.

The husband and four kids, they’re not so bad.

And even Athinia, taken in moderation can be next door to OK as well, but . .

See Athinia, she cleans houses. . .  For a living.

Last time Athinia came for a visit she made me feel real good . . told me she once cleaned a house almost as bad as mine and it turned out OK.

But fact is when we know someone is coming for a visit our homes become a flurry of activity.  Floors are swept, shelves dusted, windows are washed; everything is cleaned up to make our homes ready for our friends. All this is done in this season we call Advent.

Advent, see, is something that goes back centuries, back when Israelites were a conquered people. People were waiting, hoping, praying for a Messiah, someone who God had promised through the prophets, to lead them to freedom.

And although there were hundreds of years of waiting, still the people prepared through prayer and performance, getting their lives in order for the coming of this promised King.

And so it is today. Christians around the world wait for the coming, the return of Jesus.

Waiting as we would wait for the arrival of a cherished friend.

Wanting the best for this friend, we scurry about to ensure that when our friend comes He will see we have prepared and are excited about His return.

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