Commanded to Love

Cast Number: 4

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 13:8-10

Categories: Comedy, Valentines/Love, Women
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The Bible teaches us that we must follow the commandments, but it also teaches that the commandments can be summed up in the rule:, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. A company of army recruits learns this principle, but Soldier Bartenflem is a real challenge as a pupil. A comedy drama skit with a strong Christian drama message.

Cast: 4 women, any age

Costumes: all except one of the women are wearing army type dress, the other is wearing sweats

Sample of script:

Thompson & Rogers are standing, chatting
Thompson: So my sister says, “Why’d you go and sign up in the army anyhow?”
Rogers: Civilians! How do you figure civilians at the best of times Thompson?
Thompson: Exactly Rogers, I mean, to me serving in the army is like the only . . . .
Lieutenant comes on stage, Thompson and Rogers snap to attention, salute
Lieutenant: Attention! . . . . As you were.
Thompson and Rogers remain at attention, motionless
Lieutenant: Now then, look at you, Thompson, you are sloppy, just look at those shoes . . .
Thompson: Beg your pardon Lieutenant, but I spit polished just this morning and . . .
Lieutenant, menacing: Oh you did, did you soldier . . . well, tell me, can I see my face in your shiny shoes . . ?
Thompson: Well, Lieutenant, I can’t exactly see my shoes, standing at attention and all, eyes focused straight ahead like you taught us . . . . .
Lieutenant: The acceptable answer, soldier, is. . . “No Lieutenant, your face can not be seen in my . . .
Rogers noisily drops her backpack, Lieutenant confronts Rogers
Lieutenant: And you, Recruit Rogers . . . have you not yet mastered the basic command: “Attention”?
Bartenflem comes on stage whistling/singing off key
Lieutenant: Soldier Bartenflem, attention!
Bartenflem slaps Lieutenant on the back in greeting
Bartenflem: Hey Sarge, how's it goin’?
Lieutenant, enraged: I will have you know that I am Lieutenant and . . .
Bartenflem: Don’t you apologize, you keep workin’ hard, my guess is y’all will make Sarge in no time!
Lieutenant: Soldier, I will not tolerate disobedience, now what are you doing in those. . . . civilian clothes . . . yucky things . . . when we are in training?
Bartenflem: No sweat Sarge . . .
Lieutenant: Lieutenant. . . !
Bartenflem: Whatever. . . . I just figured, I got these great sweats my momma bought me when I signed up and left Pumpkin Pastures, West Virginia. I figured why go and get those new army duds all messy. Besides, another couple of hours it's quitin’ time anyhow, why not just save the wear and tear of changin’ back again.
Lieutenant: You will do exactly what I say, exactly when I say it and every command will be followed to the letter, do you read me Bartenflem?
Bartenflem, gives time-out signal: Hey time out Sarge, chill! Take it easy! Y’all are gonna blow a gasket, y’all keep that up.

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