Coping With Crowds

Cast Number: 12

Run-time:60 min.

Bible Reference: Luke 23:11

Categories: Easter
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An Easter message on apathy, faith, commitment, conviction and challenge.This is a 6 part segmented drama.
1. Mark is found in a crowd discussing Jesus and His work.
2. Joseph of Arimathea tries to deny he claimed Jesus' body at the cross.
3. Pilate in a monologue, tries to justify his decisions. He ultimately washes his hands.
4. Peter comes to the time when he meets his Savior. His Emmaus moment.
5. Mary, Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene and Lazarus meet to discuss the various lives of their familys and the ministry of Jesus.
6. Modern day Tony and Tracie come together to discuss the Easter message and how it applies to them today.

Cast: (In all segments a crowd may be used or inferred) Parts can easily be combined so same actors may in more than 1 segment
The Unseen Jesus Segment Mark 4 individuals, (parts can be combined or expanded)
Knowledge Which Demands a Decision Segment Joseph of Arimathea Person (either sex)
It is Not Our Problem Segment Pilate, monologue
My Emmaus Moment Segment Peter Off-stage voice
God of the Common People Segment Lazarus Mary Mary Magdalene Elizabeth
Final Segment Tony and Tracie, (either sex) Pastor

Costumes: may be traditional or contemporary

Sample of script:

The Unseen Jesus Segment

All actors are looking upstage, up on tiptoes, trying to see, looking at each other. Confusion, milling around, murmuring from the crowd, amazement, various people speak excitedly:
1: Did you see that?
2: Unbelievable!
3: I would never have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!
4: That is no regular man, not doing the things he does!etc., then Mark, who is on the downstage edge of the crowd, moves as though pushed by an unseen person, reacts, speaks as though to someone just downstage
Mark: Stop your pushing, we all want to see! No chance you will get up to the house, out here in the courtyard, that’s as close as most of us have got all day! (as though pushed again) I said, stop pushing! The place is packed, no one gets preference getting in. No one! Look, (points), see, over there, see the guy in the robe? Eli, his name is, director of the biggest religious college in Jerusalem. Even with his reputation, he hasn’t been able to get any closer than the courtyard, not much chance you are going to get a closer look!
1: Mark here is dead on, we have been waiting here for hours just to catch a glimpse of him. No one’s leaving from inside, so no one out here is getting a chance to move in closer.
2: Exactly, just you wait in line like everyone else!
3: Maybe you could try going up those stairs and dropping in through the roof!
everyone laughs, murmurs agreement
Mark: Well, it was just before you got here, four guys carrying a paraplegic on a stretcher came along, no way they could get through this crowd. I was willing to step aside, no way the others were going to let these guys through. After a bit the guys carry the stretcher up the stairs, I figured they were taking the paraplegic up there to rest. Next thing I know, there’s some dirt falling down from the roof, among the people inside. I mean, like, there was some dancing around in there, everybody trying to get back out of the way, and hardly even standing room in there! Me, I thought there’s an earthquake or something. Anyhow, what should happen next but this stretcher gets lowered down from the ceiling. Sure enough, it’s the guy they had carried up on the roof!
3: I know it’s hard to believe, like I said, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes no way I would believe!
4: Got that right! I mean, I have never . . .!
Mark: Turns out the guys who carried the paraplegic up on the roof, they realize their friend is in real rough shape, needs help right now. So they knew they had no chance getting through the crowd. Pretty smart of them really, they figured out the only way they could get it done was to dig down through the roof and lower the paraplegic right there in front of the Teacher. (pause) The Teacher. The prophet. Jesus of Nazareth. You haven’t heard of him? I just expected that’s why you were here, to see him, hear what he has to say. All day long, since he arrived here in Capernaum, it’s been a steady stream of people. I mean news travels fast in a small town you know. (pause) What does Jesus do to hold the crowd you say? You truly aren’t from anywhere around here are you? Everyone from all over Judea, they know Jesus. Awesome teacher, I mean he can not only tell you all the law, but he explains it in a way that makes it, I don’t know, guess you could say he tells it in a way that makes it come alive. And of course there are the people who come to be healed. (pause) Oh, all kinds of sicknesses. . some folks who have been blind from birth, they walk out in amazement, seeing for the first time all that us folks take for granted.
1: Mark, tell them about Elizabeth, your neighbour!
Mark: Man! Now that truly was something! Next door neighbour of mine. Deaf as a post! I said to her, “Elizabeth, why don’t you go see the Nazarene?” Jesus, he’s from Nazareth, see? (pause, Mark and those around chuckle) Yep, guess you are right, something good actually can come out of Nazareth! Anyhow, I convinced Elizabeth she should come talk with Jesus this morning, I mean, what is there to lose, right?In a little while here comes Elizabeth, dancing down the road, screaming, shouting, crying, laughing .. . all at once! I yells out, “hey Elizabeth, what’s going on out there?” She yells back, “I just love the sound of my own voice!” So I says, “fine but do you have to wake the whole neighbourhood just to . .” And right now I stopped dead in my tracks, think, wow, this here is Elizabeth and she heard what I said, no lip reading or anything! Sure enough, Elizabeth she hears just perfect! Funny thing, neighbour Sarah comes along, and I gotta tell you Elizabeth and Sarah, they aren’t real close friends, know what I mean? Elizabeth she makes me put this blindfold over her eyes, she turns her back to Sarah, has Sarah whisper, why Elizabeth repeats back every word Sarah said! Sarah she like to had a fit, then she takes off running down the street, yelling back how she’s going to go ask Jesus can he remove this wart from her neck, the one that all the doctors say can’t ever be removed, too close to a blood vessel.
2: Now way I see it, that’s just a waste of the Teacher’s time. I mean, why take up time with warts when there’s the big things to deal with?
3: I don’t see it that way, I mean the prophet he always says to bring all our burdens to him.
2: Well, maybe you got a point there, I mean, Sarah, she’s my sister-in-law and I never saw more of a burden that Sarah, I tell you!
Mark, pauses as though listening: What’s that? Have I seen Jesus today? No, I’ve never got any closer than this all day. Never once saw so much as his shadow. (pause, reacts incredulous) What? You ask why I would stay when I likely never will see, touch him all day? That should be obvious is my thought! We . . . are . . . talking . . . Jesus here! This . . is the Messiah! God’s chosen one! Oh, no doubt about it, I would dearly love to see him, touch him, kiss his cheek, and who knows, someday I just might! But for now I am just incredibly excited to see the unseen Jesus. . . . Hey, wait, that’s it, right there! Seeing the unseen Jesus!
4: That’s some tough though, would be easier to just walk right up to him, know what I mean?

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