Countdown to CurtainUp Rehearsal Manual

Countdown to CurtainUp Rehearsal Manual

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Right from script search through casting, training, rehearsing, performance and post-performance, this manual breaks the process down into 52 individual components, (whether weeks, days or portions thereof – the preparation still has to be done).
Complete with Director’s Diary to keep everyone on the same page.

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    In conducting DramaShare workshops around the world one of the most common problems which surfaces is that of the lack planning the performances to maximize the ministry potential of Christian drama. Many people in our workshops Countdown to CurtainUp agree that more planning is required but are at a loss as to how one can actually plot out a plan and a timetable when using amateur volunteers.

    It was to try to assist in these problems that this manual has been created. We appreciate the involvement of our DramaShare members around the world, the participants in our DramaShare workshops and seminars and the subscribers to the DramaShare “Christian-Drama-Forum” email list who are a constant source of information and ideas for us.

    We trust that this manual will provide the framework for an improved preparation and rehearsal schedule in your church.

    The purpose behind this manual is, as the title infers, “Countdown to CurtainUp”, a step by step look at what goes into creating a drama which is not only successful, not only well accepted by the congregation, not only pleasant and motivating to the cast and crew, but is also God honoring, a good and righteous offering to our God.

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