Dad To Lean On

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Run-time:5 min.

Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:4

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Theme:       A song written to celebrate Dads, and to recognize the difference between being a father and a Dad. Written to the tune of Kirk Franklin’s “Lean On Me.” The music must be obtained by the director, from online or other sources.


Bible Reference:      Ephesians 6:4




Set, Costumes, Props: standard


Sound:       Song: Lean On Me by Kirk Franklin


Time:        5


Sample of script:


This song is for all the men and boys out there

For the ones who aren’t sure of their roles today

With todays mixed signals, what is right?

Listen to my instructions, to my instructions



What a dad must be.
[Verse 1: There’s a child

A boy lost and frightened

He has a home

But no guidance

And he can’t find his way

Hear his cries of frustration

[Verse 2:

A girl, confused

No direction, her life in shambles

Hoping someone will show her the way

And in this world which ignores her

Please bring her hope for today

[Hook: chorus
Be a dad

Don’t be just a father

Be the one, the one

The one who will guide her, will pilot him

Source of loving strength, tender counsel

Help us Father, we will lean on you.


Oh be a Dad

For any male can be a father

But a dad is here as God’s agent

Tender firmness ever displayed

[Verse 4:

Be a dad, a dad

Mirror of God’s love

Reflecting from above

His great plan

Be a Dad, a Dad

It’s God’s plan

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