Cast Number: 4

Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Corinthians 7:15-16

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Divorce. How does a person who is a Christian handle this situation?

Johnny - young boy

Little is needed other than a chair, chesterfield, coffee table.

Mikes as required. A tape of door bell would be very useful.

Toy, magazine, paper.

Only normal leisure clothing required.

Conduct of Characters:
Johnny is an out-going, inquisitive boy. His parents are rather rigid, treat Johnny as an unimportant little kid. Pastor is warm, loving, obviously fond of children.Sample of script:

As lights come up, Johnny is playing on the floor with a toy, parents are sitting on chair / chesterfield reading.

Johnny: Dad, what's divorce?

Dad: (not listening) That's right, son. Enjoy your toys.

Johnny: But Dad! You didn't answer my question. My friend Eric told me that his Mom and Dad are getting a divorce. What's a divorce, Dad?

Dad: Well, son, it's like when, . . when, two people, that is to say, when a husband and wife, . . . . put it another way, when, er, . . . ask your Mother.

Johnny: Mom, what's divorce?

Mom: Well, son, it's when two people are no longer prepared to, . . . or, perhaps I should say, when a husband and a wife . . . . .

Johnny: That's what Dad said too. You guys have no idea what divorce is, do you?

Dad: Well certainly we know, it's just that right today it has no impact on you. Your Mother and I will discuss all this with you when you are older, when you can fully understand. Now, then. Dad has a lot of reading to catch up on. Go on now, enjoy the lovely new toy your Mom bought for you today!

Johnny: Are you guys going to get a divorce like Eric's parents did?

Mom: Why, Johnny, how can you say such a thing? Of course we shall not get a divorce! Why we are, . . . we are . . . .

Dad: We are Christians, that's what! Believers don't divorce!

Johnny: But, Eric's folks are Christians.

Mom: Well, I don't know your friend's parents personally, but I can certainly guarantee you they are not Christians! Else there would be no talk of divorce!

Dad: Most certainly there would not! Why, they would bring their differences to the Lord, and He would, He would, would intercede, that's what!

Johnny: How would we know they aren't Christians? I mean, Eric's Dad taught Sunday School, just like you, Dad. And they read from the Bible, and they say grace before meals. Same stuff as we do.

Dad: Surely a hollow, meaningless hypocrisy! "By their fruits they will tell you", I always say! It's in the Bible! Revelations!

Mom: Dear, I believe the scripture you are referring to is: "By their fruits you will recognize them", and, actually, it's in Matthew. But you certainly are right, dear! Divorce is not a Christian thing!

Johnny: So Christians never get divorced?

Dad: Never! Not Christians! Not if they have washed hands and true hearts!

Mom: Dear, "Clean hands and a pure heart", Psalms. But, your father is correct. Divorce is not consistent with Christian theology! It's . . un-biblical!

Johnny: But Mom! You were reading from the Bible last night, and in the Bible it said something about, "Moses permitted a man to write a certificate of divorce and send her away." Wasn't Moses a good man?

Dad: Moses? Of course Moses was a good man! Why Moses was a Christian!

Johnny: But how could that be, Dad? Moses was in the Old Testament, and Jesus didn't come till the New Testament.

Dad: Nonsense! Moses was there throughout the New Testament!

Mom: Dear, Johnny is right there. Moses was from the Old Testament. But, Johnny, dear, that all changed when Jesus came to earth. Why, He . . . .

Dad: Lyla, why did you go and read that part of the Bible to the child? I mean, you know there are some parts of the Bible that shouldn't be read out loud in the presence of children!

Johnny: Why not Dad? Are those parts of the Bible not true?

Dad: Bite you tongue young man! I'll have you know that every word, every line in the Bible is true! It's just that some parts are, well, for adults, that's all!

Johnny: Like movies, huh? Rated PG, right Dad?

Dad: Right, er, wrong! Look Lyla, how did we get into this discussion, anyways?

Johnny: I just asked if you were going to get a divorce like Eric's parents. And you guys got all uptight!

Door bell rings

Dad: (relieved) I'll get it, I'll get it! (goes to door) Oh, Hi, Pastor! Come on in! Good to see you!

Pastor: Hope I'm not hitting you at a bad time. I've been meaning to get around to see you folks for months. And tonight I had a last minute cancellation here in your neighborhood, so I thought I'd just pop in for a minute. Now, really, if it would be more convenient some other time . . ..

Dad: Nonsense, Pastor! You simply could not have come at a more perfect time!

Johnny: Maybe the Pastor could answer my question. Do you think he could Mom, Dad?

Dad: Shhhhh! Son, you go play while we visit with the Pastor. Scoot now!

Johnny: Ahh, Dad! Nobody will tell me what divorce is! I need to know! Everybody's treating me like a little kid! I'm ten years old you know!

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