Does It Pay To Do Evil

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Run-time:15 min.

Bible Reference: Psalm 37

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sometimes we feel this way

We all notice how all around us people are doing evil things. Not only do they seem to get away with it but they seem to be very successful. Those who "bend the rules" seem to be the only ones who get ahead in this world. Whether cheating on an exam, on income tax or on the golf course, it seems to us that the only way to succeed.


No wonder we so often feel that our fight for righteousness and justice is futile. These thoughts went through King David's mind. Here was a mighty monarch, not a youngster but a learned man in his old age.


There was nothing wrong in David's considering these things nor is it wrong for Christians today to think of injustices which are rampant in the world. In fact it is mandatory that Christians make their position very clear on the subject of the evil around them. But Christians must keep the whole situation in perspective.


Being a Christian, whether today or 2000 years ago, is a little bit like swimming upstream, it isn't easy. Therefore while we will naturally be displeased and annoyed with the situations that we meet we should realize that this will happen. It is not surprising that many people scoff at the idea of following Christ. Christ offers a choice between a life of comfort and a life of conflict. Why are we surprised that most people will choose comfort?


But the Christian has been warned in advance of what to expect if he is to follow Christ and has in fact accepted conflict. No one has held a gun to anyone's head to convince him to become a Christian, so it is a little unrealistic to complain after the fact. We made a commitment to Christ that we would go His way and His way was the way of the cross. The discipline and sacrifice which the Christian life requires, coupled with faith, make a vital and necessary spiritual experience.


David wrote this psalm in his old age and it is from this perspective that his statements, evaluations and judgements are made. "I have been young but now am old". Years of experience have a habit of mellowing us and our thinking. But even as David's thinking and perspective have mellowed, at the same time his assurance that the Lord would ultimately triumph had only become more secure.


We can learn a very valuable lesson from David on this subject. While at times we may feel that all is useless we must maintain our firm and absolute assurance of God's ultimate victory since to do otherwise would not only be a disservice to our Lord but would also send a wrong message to those around us. How can we have such firm assurance of God's ultimate victory? I often think of two people, each of whom has decided to read a particular book. One is just starting the first page while the other has just finished reading the last page. The latter person knows how the story ultimately turns out. So it is with the Christian, he knows "how the story turns out".


This provides the Christian with the confidence and the assurance which he needs. Those around us may frustrate, infuriate and intimidate but they can't obliterate the message of God. The Lord has reserved for Himself the final victory. One day those who despised, (or worse, disregarded), the ways of the Lord will one day be called to account for their actions. Those who they ridiculed will be rejoicing. As is clearly indicated in Verse 13 "their day is coming".

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