Doing Drama

Cast Number: 3

Run-time:12 min.

Bible Reference: Romans 12:6

Categories: Comedy, Everyday Productions, Leadership
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Drama ministry - preaching the Word of God through drama. An excellent drama for recruiting all people, especially amateurs, for the drama program and to get more interest and involvement in the drama program in the church.

Sample of script:

(Tom and Terry enter and see Mary reading a book.)

Terry: Hi Mary.

Tom: What's that you're reading?

Mary: Well, actually I'm reading a book about drama.

Tom: Drama? You mean like being an actor, and going to Hollywood, and that sorta thing.

Mary: Well, Tom, drama is about acting and stuff, but it isn't necessarily just done in Hollywood, you know.

Terry: Yeh, Tom, I mean like there's actors in New York and in lotsa places. There's even actors right here in Lexington. My friend and I went to the (name of theatre) Theatre last month, it was great!

Mary: Well, actually this book is about Christian Drama.

Terry: Christian Drama? What's that?

Tom: Duh! Christian Drama is drama that's done in church! Sheesh! What did'ya think it was, ya wiener!

Mary: Well, you’re close, but that’s not exactly right. Any kind of drama could probably be done in church. But, like it says here in this book I got, (opens book and reads), "Christian Drama is that form of drama which has been specifically written and performed for the purpose of glorifying, praising and worshipping Jesus Christ, or as an evangelisation tool for presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in a unique ministry manner."

Tom: Say what? What does all that mean? Are you trying to say that if people here at Lexington Covenant Church were to put on, say, The Sound of Music, you're saying that wouldn't be Christian Drama? I mean, there's no bad language or anything in Sound of Music for Pete's sake! That's good family entertainment, after all!

Mary: Well, I agree with you, Tom. The Sound of Music is excellent family entertainment, and if we get real good it would be nice to stage a big production like that in the church. But that would be church drama, not Christian Drama.

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